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Friday, April 22, 2005 

The diffrence of Kurdish Peshmergas and Turkish Police

National Public Radios reports about security in Mosul city:

The iraqi Arabs in Mosul say Kurdish Peshmergas bring peace to Mosul and they say if Kurds had come to Mosul at the begining now it was so safer and if they hadnt come to Mosul , it would turn to another Fallojah. Listen to it Here

and in the opposite here is a hot report from amnesty internnational about Turkey's proteceting the Turkish Polices who torture and rape to kurdish girls.

here is a bite about Dear Darling Nice Peacefull Clean Beauty Democratic Saint Mother "Turk" polices :

The police officers had been charged with subjecting Nazime Ceren Salmanoglu, then 16 years old, and Fatma Deniz Polattas, then 19 years old, to horrific torture including rape with serrated objects, beatings, suspension by the arms, and forced "virginity tests" in early March 1999. The women say they were also denied food and drink, prevented from sleeping or using the toilet, and forced to strip and remain naked in a cold room. Confessions regarding their membership in the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) obtained during the torture, were used to sentence both women to long prison terms.
Nazime Ceren Salmanoglu was released at the end of last year under changes made to the Turkish penal code. Fatma Deniz Polattas is still in prison.

This trial has already taken over four years and has been postponed more than 30 times," said James Logan, researcher on Turkey at AmnestyInternational. "For it to be dismissed at this stage over an entirely bogus technicality is abominable. Justice has not been served."
Read more about it here amnesty internnational.

Can you see the diffrence of Kurdish Forces with Turkish Forces? one brings peace the other... ? can you see who deserves power and who doesnt deserve..

+ by the way today was the 107th anniversary of the opening of the first kurdish newspaper in Cario called "Kurdistan"

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