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Saturday, April 30, 2005 

And another mass grave found in Iraq

Bodies of 1500 kurds found in Iraqi mass grave
I've just read the story now, but apparently it's been mentioned here in the forums before.

Here are some excerpts to make
Experts have examined a mass grave containing what are believed to be the bodies of some 1,500 Kurds, mostly women and children, in southern Iraq

Of 113 bodies taken out of the ground so far, all but five are women and children.

It is thought they were lined up and then gunned down into the 18 shallow trenches found near the town of Samawa

The victims are believed to have been killed in the late 1980s after being forcibly moved from northern Iraq.

In case it wasn't clear they were first kicked out of their homes taken down south and then all killed execution style into 18 seperate trenches

Photos of the excavation can be found here under Kurdo's photos and here's the video

Now if only the civilians of that city beheaded a few ppl ,blew themselves up and screamed allahu akbar to no end then tv stations would be running for an interview with them, these civilians(or their relatives) would receive loads of compensations and the whole world would be "feeling" for them trying to defend their "rights".

But because they were just ordinary civilians the city they were originally from fails to have a mention in this article.
Andthere are still criminals claiming Iraq was better under Saddam

Talk about screwed up

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After watching Turtles Can Fly for the first time I had a new perspective on the internal conflict of Iraq and the genocide of the Kurdish people. It raised questions as to whether or not American soldiers had done something good in taking out Sadaam. I guess if the government hadn't lied about the reasons for which they went in, and if they could actually keep civilian deaths to an absolute minimum then this could be seen as redemption for never doing anything to stop Hitler in WWII. Some people say, "Keep to your own problems", but maybe it is our duty as human beings to protect and take care of one another. I don't know, fuck the political bullshit. All I know is that taking a life is an act of sick desperation, or power-hungry ideals of a patriarchal society. Your blog is important because it is so informative, thank you.

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