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Thursday, May 12, 2005 

Trial of the Defendant by the Applicatant

There is little doubt, our correspondent says, that Ocalan - a figure of hatred for the majority of hardline Turkish nationalists - would be convicted again
-- bbc
I hardly remember when he was first brought into the "previous" so called justice system of the Turks(like tayfun), well because south Kurdistan was struggling to survive, no internet, no proper tv channels (I dont mean Kurdish, coz still there are not any), and no proper public awareness of what exactly is going on rather than "oh well yet another one to be imprisoned"
I hope this time, regardless of the fact that Ocalan is blamed by many of his own real loyalists, we will be able to have access to the details of the "trial".
People in south Kurdistan used to/still think that Ocalan unlike Barzani and Tabalani was able to bring the Kurds together by being a real leader, but in fact as one his very close loyalists was saying he lost it because he was worse than the two in claiming that "I am the best for Kurds" and still keeping the mentality of "people should look after me and I must be THE LEADER" while other nation leader sell thier personal belongings to serve their nation.
I hope his trial will be a signal to the whole world, that Turkey is one of the worst places for the yet unknown Kurds, we are being persecuted, denied our every simple rights, and that Turkish racism is ruling the country. At the same time, I hope our people will also realise that a leader is not GOD or PROPHET, and get out of the Islamic or Arabic mentality, realise that a LEADER is the one who loves his nation the most, can do the best and ready to sacrifice the most!
I hope this time, when he will be asked the same question he was asked in the witness box, by the so called Turk judge:
"Is there something called Kurdish cause in Turkey?"
he will NOT HESITATE, he will not wait even a microsecond, he will not murmer or even let the judge finish his word Turk** and start by the same clause "you are not a judge but the applicant" and say "YES! THERE IS, Northern Kurdistan's cause" (Evet)
I hope this time, if he will be given the choice which were given to Qazi Muhammed, "hang you or give up?" he will start by the same clause "you are not a judge but the applicant" and say "hang me, then my shoes will be on top of your heads!"
and finally I hope, other leaders acknolegde their resorts, mansions and authorities by serving their people, listening to us, change the tribala and totalitarian mentality and try to be real PEOPLE LEADERS.

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