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Wednesday, May 11, 2005 

Kurdish Limelight

This evening (French hour) will start the Festival de Cannes. Among the selected movies, a French Kurdish movie, Kilometer Zero of Hiner Saleem.

Synopsis : 1988, February, during Iran-Iraq war. Ako, a young Kurd, has a dream : leaving the country. But his wife, Selma, refuses it still her father is alived. Against his will, he became a soldier in Saddam Hussein's army and is sent to the war. So the young men is looking for the "good wound" in the aim to be demobilized but nothing happens. One day, he gets the order to bring the corpse of a "war shahid" to his family. A Arab taxi driver accompanies him in that mission. A Kurd, an Arab and on the roof the taxi the coffin of the martyr, wrapped in an Iraqi flag : this weird convoy goes through the country, from the south to the north. At the end of the trip, the Kurdish moutains... It might be an opportunity, for Ako, to flee the country...
So, all the best for Hiner Saleem ! And good luck for Kurdish cinema !

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