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Tuesday, May 10, 2005 

America : our soldiers can not defeat Qandil mountains !

(more photos here)
thanks Vladimir for the photo's link

"John Kunstadter" American foreign officer in Turkey ,replied to Turks about the question that America do nothing against PKK in Southern Kurdistan .
John Kunstadter says Qandil Moutains are so hard for American soldiers , and they did their best to go through Qandil Mountains to reach to PKK , but they couldnt....

he continues,
you Turks who mermer that we Americans are not doing anything against PKK,
cant you remember that your own army in 1997 did it's best to go through qandil mountain but the hard conditions of Qandil Mountain stopped them? ....

long life our mountains ,our only loyal friends through the history and long life our peshmergas who are friend with hard conditions of living in high cold mountains .

+ Source - Peyamner in Kurdish .

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