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Friday, May 06, 2005 

Turkey is gathering troops along Iraqi border

Some Kurdish sources (PKK) informed that thousand of Turkish troops are gathering along the Iraqi border, in the Kurdish areas of Turkey. These troops are units of 2 brigades, Bolu and Kayseri. According to the same sources, these brigade commandos had been seen in the distritct of Cukurca (Hakkari).More than 10.000 soldiers could be deployed there.

Roj TV (pro-PKK television) said that "these preparations are being carried out within the framework of an operation against south Kurdistan [northern Iraq])".

We remind that on May 1st, a group pretending to belong to the PKK has claimed the responsibility of the Kus,adasi explosion. According to Roj TV, the Bolu brigade de Bolu, deployed at Lice (Diyarbakir) is ready to attack Northern Iraq, especially the Kurdish areas of Akdag, Andok, Dorse, Saggoze and Senyayla.

One thing is certain : the bomb attack in Kus,adasi was not a serious attack if we consider its meanings and its results. But it happens at the right time to legitimate a military incursion in Iraqi Kurdistan. In a same way, this mysterious group called "Liberation Hawks", reminds the so mysterious "Apo's Hawk" of 1999, coming out from nowhere in Turkey. But this apparition seems a good opportunity for the other "hawks", the pro-war Turkish movement, waiting for the good event whiwh would allow them to enter in Kuristan.

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