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Sunday, May 08, 2005 

Say what?

Has this story made the news rounds yet

Iraqi Government removes the word federal from oath

First saw it on Kurdish media last week but was waiting for it to show up on other news outlets just to make sure but so far its only made it to middle east info and Lebanon's daily star. Obviously news like that is not important to the middle east, as say whether birth control is haram or halal or what Sudanese islamists write in their newspapers
Anyway back to the main point, you'd honestly think this government is more obsessed with screwing us than protecting their own people
In just 2 days, they've discovered shallow graves of executed Iraqis civilians, market explosions ripping apart shoppers, more bombings outside police recruitment stations and this without all the other unmentioned everyday bombings kidnappings and beheadings of Iraqi civilians and what are their ministers doing? Just sitting there playing X and O with their constitution

What have we done against them anyway, on the other hand look how willing they are in appeasing baathists and even giving them ministries in the govt without being elected

Oh and putting a Duleimy in charge of security, how open is that for abuse. May I say brainfart.
How does this fit into democracy, they boycotted the election, brainwashed/terrorists/threatened anyone within their area against voting and are behind all the violence. Look how well they're treated they get pre-booked seats in the government and then still whinge about being marginalised, I think ungrateful. Us on the other hand just keep having stuff taken away from us

Isn't about time they start taking away the baby gloves just cos' they happen to be sunni, its about time someone stands up and says "TOUGH u didn't participate, no seats. Next election is in 9 months time, hope u learned your lesson

Here's a crazy idea, why not give someone who did participate in the election a ministry, you dunno what bravery it took to put your party name on a widely distributed list when there were ppl out there decapitate and gunning down anything associated with it.

So yes how about seeing some yezidis, chrisitians and on a gender level, women for these roles, and what is it with ex-baathist monopolizing the sunni roles in everything anyway do they not come in other flavors, oh wait they probably do but just happen to get gunned down. They're great in terrorizing and holding hostage their own people aren't they.
So much for a new Iraq, it still looks like a society who are still ruled by people who love their crime and injustice

Well apparently the removal of the words was deliberate and according to Sharqiya Tv the kurds made them all re-take their oathes again with the word federal and democratic intact

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