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Tuesday, May 24, 2005 

BBC Vs Kurds

As I did abit better today in my business module I am not going to to bed early so I want to write! it is somehow related to Dilnareens post.
The topic is too big for me to judge, discuss or even give you some good information about the relation, as I dont have much experience apart from some things that I have which I will write and my own views from the way they handle stories related to us or anything to do with us in deed!
I remember calling them once "controversial media" in this blog, well I know you would say who gives a damn about your views towards such a big company. But I was just reading through Stuart Hughe's blog as I found the link here in KBU and in fact it was his posts during the war which made me think one more time about BBC Vs Kurds.
I remember, when I first started reading BBC website and having heard about them so many times either at my school days or during my English classes, I naively (simply Kurdana) wrote an email to the contact email, I wish I had that email now, something like
"To whom it may concern,
....some greetings...some introduction...then
as a Kurd, I read your website frequently and I am sure there
are many other Kurds who read this website,too. May I ask you to provide us just
as the other nations have, a Kurdish section where we could read in our
language, too?"
the response I vaguely remember was:
"Dear reader,
Thanks for your email, BBC is blah blah blah, goverment blah blah we can not do anything unauthorised by the government!"
and I was so happy to have had an answer, thinking "oh yea, one of those J. Simpson look-alike ones have responded and well poor guy he can't do anything if he is not allowed. Think about it hiwa, just like someone who is working for a PUK or KDP paper, they cant do much can they?"
Years passed, and I turned from L to Hiwa, slightly opened my eyes, talked to several reporters and freelance journalists for BBC like himself(I have to say never raised this concern to them), but the story was very different from that email (of course!) ...ermm for a moment.. who else have Kurdish broadcast? VOA, oh hell how can Americans disappoint their Turkish allies? or their Arab Allies?!
Google? come on man, just like Mircrosoft Turkey will ban the whole searching engine, it is impossible!!!
The Turkish goverment, the goverment which tries people ONLY because they spoke Kurdish, itself now have Kurdish Broadcast!!
Jamal Abdul-Nasir(Arabic-Link)? Never ever, he wouldn't allow that! he had best relations with Faisal, then all other Arab leaders of Baghdad....or was he not the ONLY one who alloawed Midhad BadirKhan to publish the first EVER Kurdish Newspaper at the heart of Arabland, Egypt?!
come on guys, stop calling my seperated land, Northern, South East, Western and Eastern parts of carved Maps. Please stop calling someone who is trying to glue back together the pieces which Ataturk tore apart, a Seperatist Leader; with all his mistakes is Ocalan a seperatist or the Turkish goverment? Is it NorthernIraq or South of Kurdsitan, and other parts North, West and East of it?
I wish I could find a link, a book, something to understand what is the secret behind BBC using more than two words to describe the place where Stuart had his best rewarding day(read Saturday 15th March 2003) in his professional career in it? and moreover educate all their staff on the same ideology, is there something that I am badly missing? there must be something very dangerous to BBC about us, something like the threat from Turkey to Microsoft! or...is it just me who is till naive!
picture-from Stuart's blog,
dont you guys think they, too must belong to a country?
I have to say surprisingly I found the word Kurdistan twice, when he mentions the Turkmen-Kurdish relations, which I have to say is the best place to use Kurdistan word!
do you need snapshots?
here is one from 2001 ... "Kurds" (writen by a Kurd(!), watch for clauses avoiding Kurdistan)
March 2005 .... "Dutchman in Iraq genocide charges" (mind this new one, attack on the Kurdish Iraqi town of Halabja, but the Dutchman himself says 'Kurdish city Halabja')
Does anyone need more?

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