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Monday, May 23, 2005 

Do ppl this stupid really exist?

550+ dead iraqis in less than a month = hardly a ripple... c'est a vie
old man in droopy underwear = Horror , barbarism.. violation of the geneva convention

Agh the stupidity of all this kills me, anyway why was this bastard walking around in his underwear anyway?
ppl walk around in their underwear at home anyway but why outside?
i think he's closet flasher really... hehe wonder what casual fridays would be like

What even annoys me more is the ppl they get to comment on this... yes there have been a fair deal of good comments (mainly from ppl the likes of elaph or bbc arabic have your say or sharq alawsat)
But i'm concentrate by those comments from what i can only classify as poor mans laxatives:

Basama Abdullah, 25, a government worker in Baghdad, said, "Regardless of whatever he was before, he is still an Iraqi. ... The goal of showing these pictures is to put shame on the Iraqis."
Oh never mind he killed hundreds of thousands of iraqis surely the CRIME of him voluntarily walking about in his underpants is much bigger

"This is very shameful and sad for all Iraqis," said Rita Yago, 35, another government worker in Baghdad, who contrasted the photographs with those seen of Hussein "for 30 years looking respectable on TV."

Speak for ureself yoda... i don't breakdown when i see people not dressing like they do on TV

And if you wanna feel something more painful than shooting yourself in the face read some of the commentary on the english bbc have your say:
Makes you realize how living in the first world has no effect whatsoever on mentality

And then there was jazeerah showing that they do have ethics... they can show and defend beheadings but a dictator in Y-fronts... "get outta here"

wonder what they would have done if someone from this current government was in those photos. Replay, slow motion ,pause Zoom in Zoom out (with a flashy soundtrack) i could go on

And while we're on the topic of commentary check out the "people" they found for this article arab reaction to zarqawi:
Mainly this one:

"This is a deviant notion and Zarqawi, with all due respect, is not an expert on Islamic jurisprudence. His views are illegitimate" said Saudi Islamic researcher Youssef Al-Dayni.

A rapist cum slaughterer of the masses commends respect and from what a supposed man of religion, why is he trying to brown nose him anyway.

These ppl are definitely stored in a cave or lab somewhere and released when they need opinions regarding the middle east

if that wasn't bad enough check out the zarqawaites begging the world to pray for their leader.. because he is recovering from his heroic injuries (u know all that hiding does give a hamstring strain). (thanx fay for the link)

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