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Sunday, May 15, 2005 

"Kudistan Democratic Party"' was renamed by ...

VOA -Voice Of America -Reports
US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice walks with Kurdish Democratic Party leader Massoud Barzani, right, during a surprise visit to Irbil in northern Iraq

Ladies and Gentelmen:
after the renaming Kurdistan to Northern Iraq ,"Kudistan Democratic Party" is renamed to "Kurdish(!?) Democratic Party" by United States of America and Ameican offical news agencies, Happy new name to Kak Massod Barzani.
(please check the offcial site of KDP to see their Reall name not the name is used by American Medias)

(can you feel how America hates "Kurdistan" word and how hard they are trying with their friend -Turks- to delete our lands name in history ?)

Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you .

1+ Ooops please replace "Thank" word , with F***

+What the hell these Southern Kurdistan Newspapers are doing? "Condoleeza Rice" had a meeting with them , they could tell her how Peopel of Kurdistan hate it , when she uses Northern Iraq word,as long as I know, the Northern Iraq project, "to delete Kurdistan word in the history ", was started by Bush's New Girl Friend trip to Turkey.... and after Rajab, had warned her not to use Kurdistan word.

+ this "Qundar Hiza" has almost kissed -and may be sleepd with-every poltician in his country... anybody has taken her snap with Barzani ?

+CNN Reports "Rice in Iraq for Kurdish Meeting !" instead of "Rice to meet Kurdistan"

Mr CNN editor , Kurdish is an Adjective, for language and adverb in Kurdish langauge, when you says "He did his job Kurdish" you mean "he did it bravely"
when you say "she will have a Kurdish meeting" , you mean "she will have a meeting in which she will dance and drink ...and 18+ stuff"
so Mrs.Rice will sleep in Barazni's room tonight , for her kurdish meeting? right?

You American Medias are playing with a name that 5000 years history , be sure you are just making a fool out of yourself for the sake of Turkey... and not anything else.
Our lands name is Kurdistan and it will be kurdistan foever and nobody can change it .

ALso ich bin ein Kurde:
Man sollte sich nicht fragen ob es einen Kurdistan geben sollte,man sollte vorher den Umgangsproblem
mit den Kurden lösen.

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