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Thursday, May 19, 2005 

interview with a Syrian Kurd

Syria and Western Kurdistan (Syrian Occupied Kurdistan ) is one of the most unfocused parts of world.nobody really knows what happens there and there is no Syrian or Western Kurd blogger.

I was so lucky to found a well educated syrian kurd in internet "by chance" , I asked him to do an interview ,and after so much fear he accepted, he trusted me because I had a Peshewa Qazi Mohammad photo on my avatar . (President of Kurdistan Republic 1946) I really apperciate this and thank him that accepted and put himself in danger to answer my questions . now I invite to read this interview about Syria and Western Kurdistan,

First of please tell us about Syrian Kurds, their population , their dialect of Kurdish , their religion , ..
The Syrian Kurd they are about (2 to 3 million) according to unregular research ,they are living in infrequent strip beside Syrian Turkish international border (width 40 to 75 k.m.) from east to west with high Kurdish density in north and low density in south .
They speak Kormanc dailect of Kurdish.

How is the life in Western Kurdistan -Syrian Occupied Kurdistan ?
The life here ? I don’t know what did you mean I will answer as I see for economic side, the annual income of person (for us) not good due to our activity, Because we don’t have he same chance with our partners in this country .

Can you give us some examples of discriminations that you face in Syria as a Kurd?

Discriminations ...t’s the big problem but not wide distribution ,the Kurd facing this problem in high government sections such as (military intelligence … etc. ) in another sections its under possibility because you can buy every thing by money not just for Kurd but for any one.

How many people have access to modern tools, such as , computer ,internet ,Satellite ,TV in Western Kurdistan?

a. TV . I don’t know the real ratio but I expect the users of this tool reach to 98% And I expect 2% don’t have electricity in villages which don’t have electric power.
b. Satellite receiver . the ratio here its between (15 – 30 )% of houses
c. Computer . the ratio of this group may be 30% among the educated peoples Which have a computer in his house or his work or they have knowledge to use . And 80% of computer users are between students because this tool its new in our schools program .
d. the ratio of this group is 5% using this tool which belong to c. (5% of 30%) or sharing with user one .

How many TV channels does the Syria has and is there any Kurdish programs among them? do they even mention there is a Kurd and Kurdistan in Syria?

Syria has two local channels and one satellite channel and they don’t have any Kurdish programs , about the mention of Kurd and western Kurdistan they never did , because they treat our existance here as we are refuges or immigration peoples coming from northern Kurdistan, until a few months ago , (from five month ago our exististance here became regular ,? during the interview with foreign satellite the Syrian president said the Kurdish nation is a part of Syrian structure ???!!!).than later that interview rebroadcast in Syrian satellite that was only mention !

can you tell us ,How the Arabs in Syria feel about Kurds and how do they treat to you ? do you see any changes in Arabs behavior to the Kurds before and after Iraqi war?
the big ratio of the Arabs in Syria looking to us without different with any one in Syria but the another ratio which belong to Saddam Husseins regime look at us as enemy.
about the change in Arabs behavior after Iraqi war , some of the first group join to the second group, and the second group became more enemy to us.

During the recent years, there was Kurdish movement in Syria which was quiet but in Serheldan(insurrection) March 2004 we saw a sadden revolutionary movement by Kurdish people toward the Syrian government can you say why that happened suddenly at that time?

that movement of Kurd was result of two reasons : the first reason ,the difficultis which we face here like discrimination , our right……..etc ,
the second reason : during the football playing between “Elgihad” team which belong to Qamishlo city (the team players are Kurd) and other team which belong to “Deer Elzor” city , the fans of this team (Deer Elzor) are saddamist , even more than saddam himself

during the play the second teams fans (Deer Elzor) raised the saddem’s photos and saying the dirty words to the Kurd leaders in north Iraq –Southern Kurdistan-, then the fight began between the fans of the two teams -and the regime polices assististed and shared in the fight with second teams fans against Kurd people and……etc.

How do you see the division between different political parties in Western Kurdistan? ... How strong they are, are they popular enough among Kurdish people?
my opinion about division between different political parties is same with every educated person here , what we think about the leaders of kurdish parties …….? ,not good
because every one want to keep his chair more than directing people ,and they are not popular among people ( I think their strength comes from their popularity ) and the last serheldan(insurrection) determined that their popularity was not even 10% of the revolutionary people which share in serheldan (insurrection).

Do you have any hope for changes in Syrian Kurdistan ? do you think the changes in Iraq , will result changes in Syrian Kurdistan ?
A : I think we will spend many years to get changed because the leaders of democratic change in world, are investigating about the works for their companies, to get more activity and movements to their economic sectors, I think Iran will be before us.
B: .about the change due to the changes in Iraq ,it will result in decreasing the pressure on us , I hope in near future we will be better .

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