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Friday, May 27, 2005 

Saddam says he would rather be dead than in custody

Saddam Hussein has told his lawyer, Khalil al-Duleimi, that he would prefer to be dead instead of having been arrested. The Arab newspaper Al-Quds al-Arab says he expressed his regret that he did not die a martyr at the moment of his arrest. He is said to have told al-Duleimi during their latest meeting: "If I'd had a rifle at that moment I would be dead or would have killed at least one of the Americans, but fate did not give me the chance."..

The former dictator told his lawyer that the place he was caught was the house of a friend of his in the al-Doura area of Baghdad, where he had been hiding for several days. He also claims that he was arrested because one of his inner circle betrayed him, but he would not identify the person.

"The arrest was made just before sunset, while he was sitting on his prayer mat reading some verses of the Koran and waiting to pray," said the lawyer. "At that moment he heard the voice of the friend he was staying with, saying: "the Americans have come." Immediately afterwards the US troops entered quickly, and - according to Saddam's version of the events - pinned him to the ground straight away, punching him with such force that they broke his hand and left leg and injured his forehead."

Saddam is also said to have confirmed that at no point during his detention had he left Iraq, denying the rumours that they wanted to hold him at the US base in Qatar. The version given by Saddam's lawyer contrasts with that given by US command, according to which the former Iraqi president was arrested in his hometown Tikrit on 13 December 2003, while hiding down an underground hole.

But according to the lion of Kurdistan, Kusrat Rassul Ali this isn't true.[2]
He said
: "We found a bodyguard connected to Saddam Hussein in Tikrit. I gave the lead to the Americans. The bodyguard led them to the hole where the dictator was hiding," Ali said.

"Saddam is a coward. He was armed but he didn’t fight. In any case, I am happy that his sons were killed before his arrest. He is also suffering the pain of a father," Ali said.

What do you think? Should we grant him his wish and kill him? Or let him suffer him some more? I think it's clear

[1]ADNkronos international

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