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Saturday, May 28, 2005 


I am happy to announce that Kurdistan Bloggers Union , started its own news site , called KBU NEWS

in the last 2 days that we were testing it, we covered more than 6 news that other Kurdish sites didn't find. The KBU NEWS editorial is Vladimir .

if you want to help us , in this news site please leave a comment on Vladimir's blog
we will love it if you help us in translating Kurdish News such as Peymaner.com or Kurdish Newspapers (from Kurdish to English).

Recently Vladimir has become KBU's right hand and without him we don't have many things , and he is being more Kurd than some of the Kurds . We appreciate it.

I am sure KBU news site will be interesting enough for all who follow middle east news, because Kurdistan News covers Turkey,Iran,Iraq,Syria,Armenia,Azerbaijan ....as well as Kurdistan.
so if you link to it , you wont regret. :)

and also we have added another new section ,KBU Maps,which is Complete collection of Kurdistan Maps .

+ some other new things are comming soon ,so keep on visting KBU and enjoying it.

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