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Saturday, October 30, 2004 

Biggest threat to Arabs: Kurd-Israel relations?

Some Arab media have been trying to deface the Kurds, by different ways, since the day they got the share from greater Kurdistan distribution and their mis-conduct behaviour under Ottman empire and consequently the western super powers existence in the region, but the method which annoys me much is accusing (i dont accept it as accusation either) of having relations with Israel.
What surprises me greatly is:
"they insist so much on the current Arab world map they have right now" ignoring the fact that they were all drawn without their concent or involvement! I have talked to many of them here and their best thing to say to their brothers [Kurds] is to be carefull about dividing the country and to care about the national unity!!
For Mohammed's sake which nationaly unity? which division are they talking about? the map which is drawn by those who provide you with almost everything? the national unity which you learned just after being divided?
They know, the world knows, the Kurds very well know that, it was only Arabs who made arrangements for Balfore treaty and the 1948 creation of Israel to take place! without the cooperation of some Arabs there was no way for Israel to be created afte Jerusalam was conquered by Salahaddin (the Religious Kurdish Leader).
I don't want to talk about whether the Kurds should support or do not support Israel or whether there is a relation between Kurds and Israelis or not. But what I want to express is why all these discrepancies?
*From one side, they cooperate with west to get rid of the Ottoman empire (Islamic) and get the super powers to draw the maps for them, and on the other side, they shout: "lets keep our nationaly unity and be against the western plans to divide us!"
*From one side they go and sell their properties to Israelis, they sell their lands to them, and on the other side they go and educate suicide bombers to fight Israel!
They [Saddam, Kwaitis, Saudis] massacre Kurds, they bought our girls, they didn't allow our piligrimers to enter Saudi Arabia with Kurdish flags, and on the other side, they ask us to be their brothers inside Iraq!
*From one side they accept the western maps and they ask us not to violate the national unity and be careful about forein intrusion (lets say Israeli) but one the other hand they [kwatis, Saudi, Emirates, Bahrain etc] they facilitate Iraqi invation and they welcome toppling their hero! and worse than that, from those same countries, TV channels like Al-Jazeera & Al-Arabia fight the foreign invasion of Arab land!
Quoting in a minute what I heard on a program (given back to them as a present) by a foreign TV channel for Al-Jazeera where they were documenting how Al-Jazeera handled the war on Saddm, and through out the whole program it was showing how they hated the Americans and how they were back acting as soon as an interview with an officer or a politician was over by the journalists or even by their interpreters, and at the end of blaming Americans as much as he could, this Al-Jazeera super presenter (or interpreter not sure!) while smoking his cig said: "well despite all this, if I had a son and wanted to become a professional journalist I would be happy for him to be educated by Fox News or CNN!"

I get very annoyed when I hear or read something like: Kurdish Peshmarga is trained by the Israelis! If Israel was supporting Kurds we would have been a country by now Mr.Ignorant Arab journalist.
Recently Almanar newspaper has echoed what they hear from the other ignorants, I remember very well my Private-Turkish Highschool headmaster was saying he had even met South African intelligence agents in Hawleer, well I wouldn't surprise, during 1991-till today Kurdistan was a mess and had agents from everywhere! why not Israelis? I believe Musad had more important and holier missions to do than the whole 21 Arab countries inside Iraq, given the fact that they might have been acting against their number one enemey in the region!So why surprise if they had existence in the best place the could and as close as possible to the sick Arafat's brother!
I wish they had a united voice so that, the Turks, the Kurds, and even the Israelis would have a better chance to talk to them and negotiate with them! Look Saddam was against Israel (publicly, god knows what he was doing under the tables) but at the same time other Araba states and leaders were in good relation with Israel.
I would like to quote what a Kurd told Al-Jazeera about this matter:
"There is no Israeli existence in Kurdistan apart from the Israeli flags and companies in most of the Arab countries!"
And finally I would like to say: read the previous dilnareen's post if you are a devote Arab person!

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