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Wednesday, November 17, 2004 

Bi2ayee Thanbin Qutilat (For what crime was she killed)?

Couldn't think of a kurdish or english title that could fit this situation pretty well, but this arabic one (referring to gross injustice) seems to work. To those interested this is a reference from the Quran regarding how pre-islamic arabs used to bury newly born daughters alive, have they really changed since then, i'll leave that to you.

I was really hoping that this could be wrong or the video faked or any number of conspiracy theories, but unfortunately it seems to be true. May she rest in peace and condolences to her family. It was pretty heartwenching to watch her husband asking for her body back just so he could bury her, but I must say what a calm and quiet man.
How can a woman who spent the last 30 years of her life as a teacher and a relief worker despite going through 3 wars and sanctions.

Where's the outrage, the anger to all this injustice, the demonstrations.. why isn't there anything?. Do people have no feelings anymore? I don't know what else it would take to get the braindead sheep of the world to realise what these supposed "resistance" fighters really stand for. Anyone who attempts getting Iraq out of the stoneage has a death threat hanging on their head. Take for example the news today of kidnapping (and let's face it the eventual killing) of 31 more police officers on their way back from *surprise* jordan, maybe they should call it the path of death.

But getting back on topic, LadyBug, one of her students, has this post about her and to those who can read arabic, here's a really heartfelt message in Elaph entitled When Margaret Hassan was an Iraqi Mother. It was written from one of her students in the 80s, Dr. Mohd Rasool Mohd, when she used to teach in the british council. This was first published before news of her execution came out but elaph published it again today.

I won't translate it all, but here are the main points:

"In september of 1980 I met Margaret Hassan for the first time in the Waziriya distrct in Baghdad, and more specifically in the British Council there, where she was working as the the first secretary to the institute, you couldn't enter the informations centre without meeting this woman who would greet you with the glee of a mother and sister at the same time..."

"Margaret Hassan, the british woman married to an Iraqi, was a spring of love and affection, a humanitarian who knew no limits. Everyone she's ever taught remembers her, and anyone who knew her knows how much she loved the Iraqi people. How many iraqis of limited means have turned to her when they couldn't afford the books, the papers and other resources they needed, and how many iraqis, who knew how useful the english language was to their future, would turn to her when they couldn't afford the fees for the institute. There are many many other examples of this woman's humanity"

"After the hero of arabic freedom attacked kuweit, the british council locked its doors (after iraqi-uk ties were cut off) but she still stayed on "

"Mrs Margret, along with her family, could have left Iraq tpo Ireland or the UK or anywhere in the world due to her irish nationality but she decided to stay in Iraq"

"the will of evil dominates the acts and behaviour of the new criminals in Iraq, they won't even consider what it means to kidnap a women who is a an iraqi before being a foreigner and what are their spokespeople in kidnapping going to tell the world when they are burning all the values of human love and communion. Mrs margaret embodied these values when she married an Iraqi Muslim, lived in his society and tasted the bitterness that Iraq lived through in these past decades."

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