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Sunday, November 14, 2004 

Peshmerga Women and Eid

ok 2 totally unrealted topics but there u go.
Emmanuah, a regular commentor here on kbu has created a blog dedicated to peshmerga women whom she's a huge fan of, it's a pretty nice idea and best of luck since information about these women is very rare.

Now eid, so far the first day of eid was either yesterday, today and for some sects tomorrow, ah yes islamic unity is so strong that we don't even trust each other on moonsightings. But there you go, so Jezentan Peroz bet and Eid Mubarak everyone.

The regular formalities of Eid usually involve the phonecalls and the visits.
The phonecalls take quite a while so they're spread between 2-3 days (think of it as a world tour .. just by phone), basically trying to contact the various parts of Iraq alone take up enough time,its not the talking that takes too long its finding a working line. Some areas have landlines other don't, some mobiles work other don't and lines are usually busy for no apparent reason. This is slightly easier than how it used to be before, my mother used to make us take turns doing the redials (each of us had a 10 minute try). By the end we almost feel like we've established a bond with the machine of a women saying "khat al jihatil Matlooba mashghool" (the line you requested is busy). That woman could have joined our family and we wouldn't have found anything strange about it.
The funt thing is these phonecalls always have to end with inshallah next jezehn (eid) we'll be in kurdistan/iraq (depending who we're speaking with). But this has been going on for such a long time that its almost like a recurring joke that you have to mention, cos its always next eid, next birthday, next child, next irritable bowel syndrome, next new year..that way. Anyway on this side its become like a sarcastic remark ever since we reach double digits.

As for the visits, I haven't been to those in ages but I went to one with my parents this time. It usually consists of a few small visits and the one large gathering. The gatherings usually are a mix of Iraqis and the conversations are just "things would have been so much better if i was in control".. so almost like these posts but in a more animated version. It's great being a spectator in these things, but sometimes you're get fed up how every single topic thats started ends up transforming into something to do with the situation in Iraq. Though it was quite an interesting mix there, but towards the end I was listening more to the conversations going on in kurdish (well actually its mainly cos' that's where i sat down to eat and didn't bother getting up.. i was bloated and it was a good seat i didn't want it to be taken) though i am beggining to realise how difficult badinani dialect is (piling u must be a genius to have learned it, its almost a different language.. i had to make sure i was giving the right reactions to the questions). Anyway so the stuff most people say are a mixture between things they've seen first hand and stuff they've heard from their family.

So for example there's a rumor out there that the Burtuqala guy has been killed, and just in case it happens to be true i can tell u it wasn't me. In fact it wasn't even for the same reason i would have went ahead with (hypothetically speaking) no these are the same people who are also threatening hairdressers and other people whose main job doesn't lead automatically to death and destruction.

Also people saying that houses in their area keep getting rented out... and not just for people. There are people out there paying way too much money to rent places just to store weapons. So basically even when the place does get attacked there's hardly any criminals in them and the neighbouring houses suffer instead. Yes this is the peak of bravery they keep going on about.

Another topic is why baathee pees (filthy baathists) were back in the system again. Ppl who were forced to be baathist back in the game might be ok but now we get the really strong baathist supporters in everything: the media, the army, the police and the government. There are even people who work in foreign embassies who were asking others to help them in aiding the Muqawama/resistance. So the conversation was like why don't they at least keep these ppl under their thumb, you know make them do the donkey-work but never give them any authority anywhere... hmm though im thinking now wouldn't it be better to keep them on a leash.. possibly one that can be used as a noose later.

And the stuff about how they're lucky that the kurds so far have come out clean from all this and some guy was like aah ma wait till they're done with this fallujah oo malluja, then they'll all combine and start pestering us.
So the conversation drifted off about this airline that may go to hawler(arbil) sometime soon, except the problem is it MUST stop in baghdad first, and the way its going no one is willing to pay that much money to stop in baghdad. Apparently its because the americans will have it no other way. And here (well it was this topic and the american treatment to the peshmerga after the war) it turned into "when will these americans ever learn", "they behead their ppl and they can't wait to run after them", someone must find out why they hate us so much. And another guy was trying to reason well you know maybe the americans have been pressured by 21 arabs countries and 6 turkish ones (i haven't checked that are they really six) so the other replied "pfft these countries pressuring america, the states has no problems wearing those countries like shoes (well how else do you translate lapayan daka) when it comes to israel and look how hated they are by the region".

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