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Tuesday, August 24, 2004 

Power of the schnoz

The last time Iraq played, a lot of ppl got pissed off or annoyed. I mean the SI article for a start. Iraq being or even managing to get to the Olympics hardly took up any newsspace anywhere yet a guy from najaf and another from falloujah saying 'I hate america' became the third most important world news article that day.

If you read the comments on Kurdo's post that day, you would notice that most kurds were annoyed with the fact that the kurdish role was underplayed (i.e referring to the team an arabic team, no flags etc.) I personally would have liked to see hawar speak kurdish a little, but hey we can't have it all. So anyway at the end we reach this conclusion (and below is the photo that illustrates it)

How much more kurdishness do you need on the field when hawar is playing, I mean look at 2 unmistakable signs.. the nose and the head.

I mean u have to admire the size of that schnoz.. its not a nose anymore, it puts GĂ©rard Depardieu to shame, this schnoz can provide enough shade for the rest of the team.

The head , I admit, isn't the standard kurdish flat head, it has a small curve (which sticks out a lot in this photo) but lets say the environment has had a role in changing its form. Point is its still the flattest one on the pitch.
Who needs a flag anymore.
Best of luck for the match today. 

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