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Sunday, August 15, 2004 

Iraq Qualify to the next round

Let me start by saying i know jack about football (aka soccer to those across the pond), my only knowledge comes from the odd new clips and comments from fanatical football supporting brothers, but WOW wat a game. I started watching from the second half and I seriously was into the game, I've never supported any team/country so this was a cool try. By the way nice tough with the Iraq kurdish flag put together. But seriously Iraq played amazingly well they definitely made up for lost time. And cmon we can all agree the main dude was Hawar, nothing like a little self-glorification for an end note. But seriously congrats to all.. hawar, mehdi, qusay (munir not the decompoed hussein) and the entire football team.
Anyway don't want to take away from the pictures below (i cant get over the fact that i actually put some effort there.. its not going away too easy)and tell me what u think of them.

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