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Thursday, August 12, 2004 

Muqty,Sayran and football

And I thought fat ppl were meant to be jolly, muqty’s father must be back-flipping in his grave. I mean so far I haven’t heard one person badmouth Muhammad Sadiq al-Sadr yet and everyone respected him so how did he come up with this creation.
And he was rambling on about ‘how he will fight till his last drop of blood’, yeah sure u will, tubby, that’s why ure sneaking from house to mosque to house surrounded by masses of brainwashed followers. Thinking of it I have never seen him carry a weapon, wonder if he knows how to use one The only way he could possibly attack someone is he bumped into them while whizzing away in full speed.

Notable comments from the BBC regarding this:

From BBCArabic.com: I live in the area that witnessed the outbreak of fighting. The Mehdi Army fired 60mm mortar shells at my house. Maybe they thought my children were their master's enemy? How long will we be subjected to Moqtada's random shelling and false propositions? It is ironic that the United States will rid Iraq of Moqtada like it did Saddam. Maybe this is what they wanted after all?
Amer, Najaf, Iraq

From BBCArabic.com: I call on the whole world to come to Najaf to bear witness. The BBC should not call these people the Mehdi Army. They are unworthy of this holy name. They kill children because they shake hands with the American "infidels". How can they claim to be religious?
Benna, Najaf, Iraq

From BBCArabic.com: I am from Najaf and I did see a number of Iranians fighting there. A friend of mine saw lots of Iranian weapons in the hands of Al Sadr followers.
Haidar Mohammed, Najaf, Iraq

From BBCArabic.com: When I saw Muktada Al-Sadr speaking about resisting occupation, I asked myself a question I think it reverberates in many Iraqi minds: Where was Al-Mahdi Army when the Shiites were oppressed by Saddam Hussein? Why is their "resistance" so erratic, quivering between truce and fighting? The Sadr Movement is deeply rooted in the Iraqi political and religious arena, and what we are witnessing now does not - in any way - represent this movement. It is a coalition of the forces of evil and ignorance to achieve material gains.
Zaidoon Salman - Iraqi in Dubai

Semi- off topic, recently some family friends have returned from Kurdistan, and we were asking them about how things are over there , and they were like oh we were hearing the news the same the rest of the world was, just from the news. The rest of iraq seems so distant everyone here was just concerned about going out and sayran (picnics). One thing u must know us kurds love our sayran, in fact there were some families who could just spend all summer there. I mean las year when the news channels were showing destruction and looting down south, kurdsat was busy interviewing ppl on their picnics. I was trying to search for a photo about this, but this is the closest I could find.This is the salahaddin resort , so try imagining this picture but with more ppl and a lot of food.

I am going to have to add links and more info at some point, bear with me till I do.
Oh yeah just heard Iraq beat Portugal 4-2 and no incidents, in the last match the thing that annoyed most ppl was the behavior of the Iraqi players and how rude they were to Chinese. Even the commentator was annoyed, he said (and I paraphrase) the losing wasn’t bad it was the last 10 mins of fully blown attitude that spoiled it

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