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Saturday, August 07, 2004 

Jazeera's office shut yet again

I'm not even sure anymore if that is a good sign. They're still going to continue their spew-fest whether they are in Baghdad or not. Just after they were shut down, they got an expert analyst, abdul barry ‘part-primate’ atoine (sorry its late cant think of anything more creative) . He was going on about ‘I will never accept this government and they’re not legal (fill in the blanks with degratory comments) and something about Hoshyar Zebari which I didn’t quite catch but along the lines of puppet illegal Zionist and then moving on to say that jazeera should be proud they were kicked out. I really wish someone was in studio to say ‘ hold on a minute who cares what u think, who gave u this authority anyway’. What just cos’ he owns a newspaper in London, which I’m surprised is still published judging by its low turnout and the fact that hardly anyone wants to be caught advertising in it. I am still very annoyed at why he is considered expert opinion about iraq, he’s on every channel, I think they make him live underneath those newsdesk cos he pops up on command.
Another thing annoying me recently, muqtada sadr . Every single time iran gets bashed he’s there stirring up problems. And who the hell made him a Sayed or Za’eem (titles of 'respected' or 'great' leaders). I haven’t seen one Shiite take him seriously, everyone thinks of him as a shalati (more like dodgy street ppl).
Fuad Masoum invited him to the national conference and he turned it down, then he starts attacking and declaring juhad and then says ‘let’s be reasonable , why don’t we sit down and have a talk’.
Hmm what else oh yes Sistani, ok I know he doesn’t hope much for kurds, but putting that aside. I just have one thing to comment on, he says that Iraqis shouldn’t depend on others and learn to depend on themselves (which would be ok if we were fully on our feet) but he gets sick who does he turn to, the U.K. Could Iran or any other Islamic or Arabic country give you the treatment u are receiving now, I highly doubt it. Basically whether u like it or not u do need them. Its just a case of admitting it. This speaks for the rest of the country the aid iraq needs now will never be obtained if we keep going on ‘don’t accept anything from the enemy’. Maybe the forces should do something to show that military activities are separate to reconstruction. Or how about an Imam declaring a fatwa that makes reconstruction work ‘holy and sacred’ so at least these activities could move on.

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