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Tuesday, July 20, 2004 


Kurdo’s last post shows exactly what worries most of us about the new iraq. I didn’t really watch the match I was having my dinner at the time and frankly was more interested in my food I just remember the one football player whose name they kept mispronouncing (was his real name hawar or what). Anyway this thing with iraq being Arabic, im thinking when r u guys going to learn. It’s slightly acceptable when non-iraqis refer to it as a n Islamic arab country (which it’s neither since its both multi-ethnic and has multi-belief systems) but when Iraqis say it, its just really wrong. Especially since they keep telling the kurds to be Iraqi before being Kurdish, at least we don’t paint the whole nation one color we don’t say iraq is Kurdish we just say we are kurds and they get annoyed, but they verbally allowed to convert everybody and no one says jack. For those Iraqi arabs who want to be part of the arabic community i have to ask whats the hurry, its the same community that supported and cheered Saddam for what he was doing to you. Ok not all non-iraqi arabs are saddam-humpers but the ones in charge and the ones who speak for the country are. And what’s with our brother this country and other brothers that country, unless by brothers you mean Cain to Abel. Lets put this in perspective these countries supported saddam throughout his dictatorship , lived on his payroll and Iraqi resources, took very full advantage of Iraq and Iraqis during the sanctions and encourage terrorists are your brothers!!? Every single arab country supported him, even kuweit did until 1990 when they found out what their hero was really like. Actually they even had that one bastard kuweiti official who after halabja’s gassing when asked why saddam sprayed the kurds with chemicals replied what did they expect rose water
To be fair after the gulf war they sorted themselves out and tried making up for it, well ok so Saif al arab (a really good saddam spoof, it is under the video sections of that site) is one of the best comedies I’ve ever watched, well except for the ending which got all that unnecesary patriotic stuff. And during the last gulf war they were only ppl in the region glad to see saddam gone.
But for countries now, take a country like jordan (I know I use this example often but its the one that fits the description best.. you can replace it by syria or saudia Arabia if ure offended) who applauded saddam throughout his reign of terror ,whose main source of income was probably iraq, and after the first gulf war applied a "for non-iraqis only" policy when it came to things like job ads, who humiliated Iraqis constantly at border checkpoints (again something that applies to all bordering nations), who welcomed saddam’s family into their home, and sent lawyers to defend saddam. Ooh wait almost forgot to mention their famous export… zarqawi. If this was a real family social services would take a brother like that away probably to juvenile or a mental hospital. If Iraq really wants move forward the first step they should take is remove all this pretentious recycled brotherhood compost, this imaginary brotherhood doesn’t exist. Treat them as distant friends/colleagues but not brothers, the only time they would be is if they gave a full whole-hearted apology for their crimes (pah). Iraqis should learn to turn towards their own regardless of their ethnicity or religion and for now just face it the rest of you are just as bad as us the other countries hate u as much as they hate us, quit it with the pretence its not fooling anybody.

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