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Tuesday, July 13, 2004 

Some good news

I was planning to post something else today but its way too long, I think ill keep it for later maybe split it into parts as well.
So for now I think I’ll stick to a ‘good news from Kurdistan’ template
I am not usually optimistic, in I am fairly new to optimism, just stared a few months ago when things got really bad in Iraq. Why? simple cos’ I usually tend to go the other way. Once things start getting good in general then you’ll hear me complaining so here goes.

Yesterday, I cant remember which channel it was but the first 3 news stories went this way:
Barham Salih in Syria in talks over border control
Hoshyar Zebari in Brussels requesting aid
Bakhtiar Amin reads the names and nationalities of insurgents caught in Iraq

The link between all these stories…. yup the main players are all Kurds,
This makes it look like we’re running the show, which ain’t bad maybe its about time other people (mainly outside Iraq) see that we are helping Iraq not making plans to dominate it. Now I’m not saying this cos I’m a Kurd but these are extremely capable ppl all tri-lingual (or more… I think Bakhtiar amin speaks French as well) and very highly qualified
Their bios along with the rest of the interim government are available here

The ones I know most about were Hoshyar Zebari and Barham Salih.. and to think that someone like him could have been assassinated by ansar il sayan (dogs) 2 years ago. Actually anyone else heard about the phone call that saved his life story?
Baktiar Amin, I know the least about, before he joined the interim government all I knew was that he was life-long human rights campaigner and that his wife was daughter of a prominent Iraqi dissident who was assassinated by saddams men in Lebanon (any names confirmations would be helpful).

It’s unfair that people keep saying that these were glamorous exiles who are trying to control Iraq. Look at their history they have fought, this applies for most of the Iraqi interim government. They should be given a chance

Kurdish media

I have quit reading this site a while back, cos it has a habit of either making it look like everything’s great up there or do a 180 and make u feel ‘how come no body likes us’ ….why me why me á la nancy Kerrigan. There is a lot of truth in there but it always builds up to anger it doesn’t help you think straight. But I had a lot of free time and was catching up on all the articles and commentaries there. Anyway this story caught my eye
Kurdistan: Iraq’s Silicon Valley?

My first reaction was ‘wat the.. how?’ but then reading over it I’m thinking yeah why not. It makes perfect sense, why are all the companies waiting for baghdad to get secure before doing business when you have a secure place up north. True there is a lot of work to be done, but man these ppl are innovative I mean if they have the ability to convert a VCR to a sattelite receiver I think they can pretty much do anything. At least now we will have the right resource and not smuggled bits and pieces.. remember when the kurdish channels started… most of the ppl who worked there were novices.. you could see by the zoom in out of focus lenses for some scenes but they caught up quickly.. it passes as a pretty decent channel , the children programs scare me but the rest is ok. The 2 mobile networks are home made asiacell and
Sanatel (the website here is pretty defunct just has pics of the webmaster or friends I think). Anyway both these networks were connected either legally or illegally to other European networks but they are in the process of changing it back to Iraq numbers and I hear they are getting pretty big contracts with global telecom companies.
Another factor that could help is that the people over there have this abnormal thirst to learn , I think this applies for all Iraq, ne benefit of being stuck in time where education and work are very important.. all surrounding countries left that behind in the 80s. But I mean just by visiting their universities, I feel guilty for the little effort i put in when i was in uni. It really looks like if these ppl were given the chance it could be the economic and manufacturing centre of the middle east. If any big software developers or investors happen to find this site (not sure how but maybe ill try fitting in some algorithms or business models here so I can get a hit)…then please Invest in Kurdistan, for now its your best gateway to the rest of Iraq.

Kurdish words
Kurdo_ba_kurdi posted a few days ago asking if the kurds on the site to practice writing in latin letters and im thinking cool I need a crash course on steroids to this, it would also be cooler if there was a way to get other ppl to pick up some Kurdish words here. Not sure how to do that, Fayrouzdoes it well for Arabic, but I don’t think I can be that consistent.. So I thought ok ill do my bit and just post these random words which I find amusing

Nastala …………… chocolate (taken from nestle)
Cowboy ………. Jeans (go figure)
Layla 3ilwee (slightly obese egyptian actress).... the old Toyota land cruisers pre 99 I think
Monika (Lewinsky)………………………. Newer model land cruisers
shaba7(ghost)....anything which is dark black and expensive including a new hard 100 US$ note (New.. contributed by hiwa.. i always thought that shaba7 meant mercedes but the more u know)

As you can see don’t be famous and overweight , else theres a pretty big chance ull have an SUV named after you.

I know that there is more but these are the only ones that came up to mind at the moment. If anyone knows anymore along those lines Ill add them in.

Btw this was written last night so a quick update to say waytago catching those 520 criminals I don't care if they were 'small' criminals but what a start, apparently one of the iraqi channels showed them as well... aah iraqi justice. Also theres news that the peshmerga caught 15 militants including a senior al qaida leader in kirkuk.

Lets hope things keep going this way.

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