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Saturday, July 10, 2004 

anti-war people?

I think this has been gone over before, but you just can say it enough.. there are some really screwed up people out there.

Now see I used to think that the ME had a monopoly over this destructive form of sheep mentality. But since pre-iraq war, I’ve discovered that it has crossed borders.

Who am I talking about… the ‘anti-war’ coalition and those damn demonstrators. How people who wanted peace ended up on the other side I’ll never know.
Don’t get me wrong but these people have lost the plot
I mean first of all the war was over in 3 weeks and they never bothered changing their name to anti-post war collation, and second they’re either directly or indirectly offering support to the same terrorists that are causing chaos in Iraq. Look I’m no fan of bush’s policies either, mainly cos they usually tend to lead to unnecessary death of people on both sides, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to go and support a group that causes even more senseless deaths.

Before the war, I thought these demonstrators were just good-willed people who didn’t know what iraq was like under saddam. Of course when you tried explaining what saddam did to his ppl all you would get is ‘oh that’s horrible’ but no change of stance. I think it didn’t hit them that just because Iraqis weren’t dying on their tv screens meant that they weren’t dying at all.
But when the war started I began to get really annoyed at the fact how these flip-flop wearing tree hugging neo-hippies ( I don’t tend to generalize but those are the type id see) who couldn’t find Iraq on a map would tell me what’s good for iraq.

Look I have nothing against these peoples lifestyles, opinions or their choice of inappropriate footwear but when its comes to saddam, all Iraqis (and by that I mean non-baathists) agree that he had to go… he didn’t seem to by getting any weaker and even if he did die we would be left with the masochistic duo, uday and qusai, who were considered psycho even by saddam himself. And we would have just had generation after generation of husseins ruling iraq. I do wish that he was removed by Iraqis and I often wonder how iraq would have been and how many people would have been alive now if the US let Iraqis get the job done back in 91’ where there were only 3 districts left. But fact is , this is how things went and now at least the US got rid of saddam.
Yes the US made mistakes, but these weren’t before or during the war it was after the fall of Baghdad. These mistakes were due to the fact that they didn’t depend on iraqis at the beginning, some disastrous decision making skills an the sadistic choice of interrogators. I can safely say that it what squandered all the good will they showed in the beginning.

Now a lot of these more vocal anti-war people have ended up to be the most anti-iraqi people around. They’ve let their anti-americanism blind them to supporting even the most hated of groups. I mean you find them supporting these animals (the poor resistance fighters… resistance against whom? Iraqi civilians!!) saddam (oooh his trial is not fair poor thug) and radical clerics. These people don’t care how many Iraqis die as long as america fails and go all bitter when something good does come out of iraq.
I mean lately when I read the guardian the articles could be coming from the jordanian ‘dustoor’ or the egyptian ‘ahram’. The only reasonable columnists left are david aaranovitch or salam and gaith who comment every now and then and they just joined recently. How come its people from the ME who seem to be more tolerant now

This war has made very weird partnerships, who would have though that the west’s extremely open-minded left found common ground with the ME’s extremist right (suicide et el) , or how ,vice versa, the ME’s most liberal minded folk have found themselves agreeing with the wests right-winged groups.

One stereotypical example of what I’m saying is this bbc have your say topic 2 weeks back regarding the Handover of Iraq There were good posts but the ones I posted at the bottom really stood out. Its like the countries have switched populations. Maybe I should make a template for the bbc when it comes to posting in English

(insert anti-coalation/Iraqi comment here)___________________________ . puppet puppet puppet


From BBCArabic.com: The transfer of power to Iraqis is a proof of the good intentions of the coalition and their commitment to towards achieving their promises for an independent Iraq. Unfortunately this aspect was not touched or mentioned by the Arab media. I am surprised that the terror attacks have increased now that Iraqis are celebrating the handover of power.
Abdel Aziz Ahmed, Saudi Arabia

From BBCArabic.com: Congratulations to all Iraqis who suffered so much, in the last thirty years. There is no doubt that the security issue is one of the most important issues and should be a priority for the government of Iraq at the moment. I believe that the forces of good will prevail over Al Zarqawi and his followers who terrorised civilians and beheaded innocent people. I am confident that Iraqis will turn there situation around will create a peaceful and transparent country. I call upon all the Arab world and all the world to support Iraq for creating a better future for all Iraqis and the world.
Gahsan Ibrahim, Syria

Sovereignty has been handed over by the USA like a thief in the night, scared by the kidnapping.
Tim, Belgium

Does it really matter when the puppet government is still in the hands of the puppet master!
Clive, Dartford, UK

How emblematic! Like thieves in the night. The performance of handover takes place in private, behind curtains of security and beyond the view of the Iraqi people. A disgraceful sham. Sadly it will change very little on the ground other than now it will be a puppet government that will be the face of the repression and pacification.
Robert, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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