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Wednesday, July 14, 2004 

Is he preaching or pretending?

very cool posts by Dilnareen which I really dont want to press them down!

I just heard a pretty detailed report about the news of a visit by some of our Mela(clerics) accompanied by the head of Husainia Mosque (Shia mosque in Sulaimania) and escorted by PUK high rank officials to Ayatullah Sistani.
I tried to get more about it but failed to get more, probably just like most of our responses we Kurds are abit slow to react but when we do we mean business!(not this time though)anyways this is what heard and wanted to see what you guys think?
I heard the news reader say in Sorani:
"Grand Ayatollah sistani was so glad to see the visitors that he said:"(not precise translation)
kurds are Shia's and Shia's are kurds, I wish I could speak kurdish

now I thought wow..that is very nice...
"he made it clear that he never took memorial photo with any delegates but he is happy to it with them!"
now i thought wow..that is even better!...
then apparently our Mela's begged him to ask the Arabs who has occupied our HEARTS and QUDS and CAPITAL, houses, farms and even our children play grounds and have converted it to an almost de-facto kurdo-arabo-turcomano land to vacate it and hand it back to the land owners!but this time Ayatollah just like his Iranian masters acted very tactfully and said:
you Kurds be tolerant to them, and let the MATTER BE SOLVED THROUGH LEGAL COURTS!!!!
now the latter was really Sistani type!
kurds Arabised, mass-anfaled(means taken in mass numbers in Anfal campaigns), gassed, raped, killed, tortured and more by Arabs...Mr Sistani says please be tolerant!
the matter has NO LEGAL MERITS to be taken to court Mr Ayatollah, I know you dont hear me but I believe your God does!of course you will prefer that as re-Kurdification of the lands will be a big victory for us and your Grand Ayatolla's from Tehran will not be very happy Mr!
i can say more but i leave it for you to judge whether he is preaching(like other clerics he can tactfully convince the kurds to open another "unattended" Husania in Kirkuk, too) or pretending (better say cunning by sayin I WISH I COULD SPEAK KURDISH, well Mr we have very good translators if you got an important message for HALABJA! and cun us by sayin let the matter be solved in legal courts!)
Do we have any friends on this globe?

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