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Sunday, July 18, 2004 

Ezboard rant

A friend emailed me a while back to say that she posted this site on an ezboard forum replying to a saddam hussein and halabja article on system of a down's axis of justice site.
I’m thinking great cos I like system of a down (ah tanakian… what a voice) and I used to post on axis of justice before it got too weird.
So anyway I wasn’t able to check the site till today and by now the thread is pretty old, so i had to dig a little bit to find it.
Anyway I was expecting backlash but i found something even more disturbing (but pretty funny)
The main twisted in-bred that really pushed my limits was this mrDonk (the name is just asking for abuse)..look at the comments 
"that pro-American crap is supposed to be written by a Kurd. 
Since when did Kurds write blogs in English, using Americanisms like "gotten?"   
More blatantly desperate US lies and propagada, as per usual "
 Yes cos the US would hire someone to right in a blog that most ppl wont ever see.
I wasn’t aware there was a rule against kurds writing in english... oh no the word 'gotten'
has escaped america wat shall we do
The friend then tried defending for a while but eventually found out it was hopeless and gave up. In fact the donk guy even got some equally moronic supporters,
One guy, called armageddon something,who i thought was trying to support the argument eventually says
"I don't doubt that piece of propaganda was written by a Kurd, given that they absolutely despise Saddam."
Ok so its still propaganda, cos us Kurds are really good at it aren’t we
Donk still not losing any steam
"you bullshitters, with your desperate US propaganda make me laugh. You really think that piece of crap was written by a Kurd? Go on, try to find some real evidence against Saddam"
Though some character did show up called mrzonk (ok honestly not me i just checked this now, though it is something i would do)
"Exactly.  And that must explain the waves of women and children who died and then neatly buried themselves in mass graves deep inland from any known attacks by the Iranians.  "

Towards the end of this thread (yes i had that much time) the guy manages to convince himself that saddam actually never did any of the crimes they said he did.
Pity this is an old thread, I would have liked to shake up this idiot a bit, oh well this is the next best thing if he happens to come across here or if someone has an ezboard account (hint hint) post the link
damn it i want revenge
The annoying thing is, that u think if u switch off arabic news channels u would get rid of this crap, now it looks like everyone has an inner al-jazeera speaking out.
I never ever expected that people knowing saddams crimes would have the shamelessness to go defend him
Why aren’t we allowed to enjoy watching saddam suffer even for a little bit without everyone going all sour about it. Its not like he’s even really suffering to start with
just a little bit of discomfort and all these lobotomized apes show up.
For alot of Kurds and Iraqis in general this is the only joy we can get, and now the victims have transformed to evil lying/american agent/cia payroll/ (u pick)
and saddam is the poor innocent victim who speaks out against evil. I mean honestly how the hell did this happen
Man i sure wish he gets his justice iraqi style... if it was my choice i would choose death by flip-flop put him in a room and hand everyone of his victims a flip flop (hopefully with a lead sole) and even if they were
just allowed one hit (and I’m sure a lot of ppl would sneak in a few more) there would hardly be anything left of him.
 I’m not usually bloodthirsty but u mention saddam or baath and my mind goes all creative when it comes to torture.

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