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Tuesday, July 27, 2004 

Kurds in the National Conference

Dr Foad Masoom is one of the other best figures of the Kurds transfered to baghdad to lead the Iraqi reconciliation, just like Dr Barham Salih and Zebari they are doing a great job for the new American forced born baby Iraq!
as far as I understood from here we have togther with the Chairman maximum 20 Kurds including the Faili Kurds rep as well! well this will is just a similar proportion to the 20% of the Governing Council which was a reflection to the 5m Kurds of the approximate 25m population of the country so definitely around 250 members among the 1000 right? hmmm quite American!
well what I was thinking is for example the interim Nation Confrence can amend an exutive decision by 2/3 of the members' votes , so how the hell we can stop a decision god forbid in a case of disagreement between the 3 provinces we have or a possible cancellation of that articel? we have only 250 members!
My understanding is again they want us to be there just to exist, well at least they can fill the 25% gap of the women candidates with the Kurdish activists possibly? or they know that Dr Masoom alike guys will really be useful to be around!beside Kurds have never had a past of persecuting or god forbid discriminating against other nations so let them exist they won't have any harm, they already have enough trouble in noth to deal with!
They say this a good chance for reconciliation(what reconciliation? just the Kurds and the rest of Iraq right? huh), for Iraqis to talk to each other! who with whom for gods sake? Shias with Sunnis? or Turkomans with Arabs or the religous guys? or Sistani wiht Sadr? don't they just mean Kurds and the rest of the country? oh I bet they mean that!
What the hell is going on? the passport has only arabic&english on it! I WILL NEVER APPLY FOR ONE UNTILL IT HAS KURDISH ON IT!
oh well, chill hiwa... Dr Masoom is the Chairman! you know what? it is like an open book exam, the questions to be so difficult that even if you have access to the whole library, one: you dont have enough time to find the right book and the right answer, two: you are watched by the teacher who doesn't want you to be able to find the answer for it!
Mr Chairman, from the form criteria(asks whether you were a supporter or sympathiser to the prevous regime's crimes or not?and have you become well-off by using the country's fortunes or public finance?) provided most of the Kurds are number one liables to be members of the Congress but excuse me Sir as they are Kurds they cannot be more than 250...good democracy!
sometimes voting can be dangerous!!
We are the minority and the Turkmans backed by the fascist Turks and the Arabs are the Majorities! we defeated SADDAM the worst man Kurds ever faced, I would not think they would be able to defeat us this way!But as usual we are late to respond and we accepet every kind request they make! or may be we are again busy setting more and more business around the world rather than really really care for Kurdistan's FUTURE!
But I would still wish them the best int their works, it is not the numbers who can decide it is the minds who cut and make the best decisions!
With no unity we still have much more to lose!

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