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Thursday, July 22, 2004 

The Iraqi Holocaust

Ok i think this will be last post for a while, i really have some things to catch up on so ill probably stop hogging this site temporarily (but then again u never know)

Anyway just thought i would let everyone know about the The Iraqi holocaust site.
Thank you asher for making this site. In case most of us feel that saddam's trial is going to be longwinded then this is the best way to show the rest of the world a short glimpse of what is inside those 30 tons of evidence against saddam. Anyone who has any good articles,essays,stories and reports about saddam's crimes against humanity please submit some links there. I used to have alot of these articles a while back before the war and before i reformated my computer. Now its pretty much long gone in fact i only have a few of the recent kurdish ones left. And to clarify i am not obsessed with death and torture its just i have a fear that alot of these crimes will never come to light, so at least if some ppl know about it then its worth a try.

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