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Sunday, August 01, 2004 

Saddam feeling queasy?

I was just about to post something else when I came across this news item that I had to comment on. This was up a few days ago, how did I miss it.
Lawyers fear for Saddam's health

Was is it from all the muffin eating or the excessive gardening? Actually wat are they doing feeding him muffins and giving him a garden. What kind of prison is this, all iraq has been wrecked because of him and he’s suddenly become some hairy version of alan titmarsh
And as usual here’s the extra poison that comes with every article that has to do with saddams lawyers
“Mr Rashdan - Saddam Hussein's chief lawyer - made it clear the lawyers plan to challenge the whole process, as well as denying all the allegations against their client.”
Ok someone please hand me a machete and a ticket to amman someone needs to put this degenerate out of his misery

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