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Tuesday, August 03, 2004 

What everyone was warning about

I'm guessing there are ppl out there who just want some vile civil war to break out, cos if you want a ready made all out clash of religion and ethnicities Kirkuk is the answer and the sad thing is that it was, and still is, so easily avoidable. Let the original ppl back into their homes and give the newer ones (non-baathists of course) compensation for new homes. That way everyones happy. You hardly need to be a 'political analyser' or anthropologist to put these 2 factors together.
Wanted to see how news outlets desribed it today, nothing from reuters or AP, CNN thought it wasn't as important as this 'heartwarming' story
Saddam to grandson: be a man
and Kudos to the BBC for downplaying yet another tragedy
Iraq property disputes 'critical'
As if the argument was just over 1 or 2 houses not the 10s if not hundreds of thousands of kurds,assyrians and turkmen who were (and still are) displaced by the arabisation program. Nice touch with the quotes around critical as well, i can now visual an acne-ridden gimp doing the 2 finger quote thing as well.
I remember before people were saying 'wat human rights we have to be grateful if we get animal rights' so now just out of curiosity i went and searched the net to see wat happens to pets who don't have homes. And guess wat they were right, we're never going to get even close to the sophisticated program pets get. Don't believe me, heres the link from the RSPCA ,complete with 'cute' animal pictures, if you are into that kind of stuff.

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