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Sunday, August 01, 2004 

Explosions rock Iraqi churches

Just in case everyone thought this civil war they want to create involves only shia and sunni muslims or arabs versus kurds, some idiot has decided to throw in another race/religion into it. The christians Three explosions have gone off close to two churches
What is that i hear another group of people who have done their best not to cause any problems are targetted, waytago jihad
Now im guessing these attacks go into categories depending on when these jihadists realise new races living in iraq.. i mean first the shia (in their mosques... but then again they are not 'true' muslims so thats ok) kurds (kafirs by default) then someones realised hey christians live in iraq.. lets attack them as well wat are they doing their polluting our 'poor feebke' minds. So are they planning to wittle their way down to sabeis,yezidis,marsh arabs (which are arabs but again beyond that narrow mentality to realise).
Lemme guess a few clerics will show up on tv to say 'no dont do anything its a mistake bla bla' even though we well know if it was the other way around the stinging scream of jihad will be heard everywhere and a tirade of conspiracy theories will follow.
It is obvious that targets like this one are chosen to get more and more ppl against each other and iraqis are doing their best to control themselves, but the question is how much longer.

I am seriously hoping these churches weren't specifically targetted and it's an exagerration on the news. Cos' iraq is still trying to get over the seeds of hate implanted from saddams regime not creating new ones.

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