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Monday, August 09, 2004 

genocides genocides

Real sorry for having to push Hiwa's topics down, but couldn't help it after seeing the headline below.

Look at this
EU Mission Sees Abuses, But Not Genocide, in Darfur

I can't help but see the similarities with kurdistan in the 80s (actually to give this an all-inclusive feel... for non-kurds, please insert ure area where required)
As someone from a genocide-but-not-really race. Here is summarized list of things that may happen (note: some already have)

1)The arab league would declare the whole thing a hoax (almost getting there link)
2) You will be suffering for months while everyone decides whether to call it a genocide or not
3) UN will campaign for a while then find something more interesting to do (hey we tried)
4) The whole thing will eventually fizzle out and no one will hear from you again for a very long time
5) A few yrs down the line probably a decade there may be a small anniversary where some Z list diplomats show up and say they could have done more but didn’t know enough
6) If you are lucky the country that did this to you may piss off a bigger country and get attacked
7)You will be used as campaign poster for the war and have people abusing u from both sides
8) Perpetrator country loses badly as no one really knows how to or wants to fight
9) Hope for justice delayed as time is needed to gather 'evidence'
10) Media hoopla about the perpetrators, no mention of what actually happened.
11) Court case probably drags on and either:
a) defendant dies
b)judge dies
c)genocide mysteriously never happened
d) the whole thing gets blamed on another country (in which case move back to step 6)

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