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Monday, August 09, 2004 

Kurds; Peace lovers!

After the greate Kurdish uprising in 1991 we had alot to sort out between ourselves, as S.Laizer says in her book, peshmargas had to convert from mountain partisans to Urban police, governers, educators and more...
well I am one of those who critisied and still do the war between the different parties in Kurditsan throughout 1994-98 regardless of the fact that they were symptoms of the influence existed in our little area by the Turks in the first place, the Iranians and the rest of the world who were all agianst any democratic experience to be gained by a people who never had a proper map and had never had a goverment!
But..I think we managed to even hold an election less than a year later!!!
look at Iraq now, what is going on? Is Muqtada really fighting the US? I doubt that! so what is going on?
as far as I know the long history of the Holy shrines down in Najaf and the rest of Iraq is playing a great role, there is a famous saying : "Ahlu-l-3iraq, ahlunnifaq " means "people of Iraq, people of hypocrisy", well I dont know who has said that, but it is almost clear that it is an Iranian word.
Isn't the whole problem between Iraq and Iran (Shia and Sunni) is going back to when the Iranian empire was toppled by the Islamic Conqurors?
Well among Kurds we have even jews and on the other hand very devoute people living as neighbours in several cities!
PKK is announced to be a terrorist group, but we see how they hold the unilateral cease fire, but the Turkish gov went on killing and judging Kurds. We all see how the Iranian Opposition Kurdish parities listened to their brothers in Iraqi Kurdistan and stopped every activity which would use the Iraqi Kurdistan soil against a supporter (even for its own strategies) neighbour and occupier of our lands (Iran) so that the little part of Kurdistan have a chance to grow!
Even here in Europe I never witnessed any serious problesm between Kurds vs Turks or Arabs or Iranians despite the persecution we have lived! isnt it strange?
there are endless examples, I witnessed an English man telling a Kurdish&Iranian couple how come you are a couple? arent you supposed to fight each other??
After the fall of the dictator every body said Kirkuk will be a blood bath in the hands of the Kurds, but see if anyone saw any assault by the persecuted Kurds, by those who had their properties and belongings confiscated by others!Just because we mean peace!we want peace! we embraced who ever escaped Saddam with our little semi independence from Arabs, Turkoman, Sunnis or Shiites regardless of their view against Kurds in Salahaddin, Hawler and the rest of Kurdistan, we remained the best route to escape Iraq and most of the journeys were organised by Kurds...now u tell me it was done for money?? I tell u they could get the money and kill the man they hated!
Aren't the Kurds peace lovers?
Saddam had a single true saying (i think): KURDISTAN IS GOD'S HEAVEN ON EARTH!

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