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Sunday, August 15, 2004 

Updates( Photos and Links)

From left to right, Children shoe shiners in 1977 (taken from the fortune city site), Sulaimanya at night (from Messopotamia), Kurdish Village in Iran (from fortune city) and Gathering in Shaqlawa (from ankawa.com)
I have finally managed to get some changes done to the site. I am way too proud of myself now, I have finally put a stop to delaying albeit for a short while.
As you can see there are still some more work to be done and I can't guarantee that they would be done in this lifetime. As for the iraqi blogs I've only managed to add a few of them (what are they now 65 or something) so I only put the ones that I read frequently. It took me a while to get some photos on the net, there are many sites but they're mainly geocities and homestead sites with lots of broken links and enough pop-ups to put ure computer into a concussion. Aka kurdistan has the best old photos, Susan Meiselias (the photojournalist behind those pictures)still does exhibtions. Some photos of her exhibitions in France are shown on Sandrine's site and her report regarding the exhibition is available here . The fortune city site is pretty good as well, I was expecting a badly designed site with lots of pop ups but this was a nice surprise. Only problem is that there is no mention of the author/photographer
If you like the photos above then please visit the links on the sidebar Posted by Hello

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