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Friday, August 13, 2004 

Yes for an early election!

I was 13 then, may 1992, just five months after we were sure that we will not be taken to Nogra-salman as happened in 1988 when we returned from Iran after Halabja massacre, we were longing so badly to see Halabja, and thank God despite the days I spent sitting on the floor at the destroyed town's new opened schools...this time it was safe to return from the refugee camps from Iran.]
my school was turned to one of the centres of voting, and at that time every one was full of excitement and joy and everyone was rallying for the party they used to support, what a great atmosphere it was!!I do remember every minute of it because it was the first kind of it in history; the book which I hated the most as there was not a WORD about my past or about my people!great year, great attempt, the whole world watched us, even our main enemies, on top of them the man who killed Halabja and Barzan.
I accept that it was almost impossible to be hold 4 years later, it was at the midst of the internal fightings and among all the reagional and global politics who were surprised by the 1992 experience (THE GUYS FROM THE MOUNTAINS HOLD AN ELECTION!!!!)
what about 2000? why not in 2000? well to be honest I dont think there was any specific external factor which would have failed the process if it had gone ahead. But I am sure it was the internal disputes which aborted the 4 year delayed election or at least unifying both of the Kurdistan Regional Goverments administrations (the one in Slemani and the one in Hawleer).
So what about 2004?I think if we had gone ahead despite our main problem of getting Kirkuk back to the shadow of KRG, we would have made the second democratic process in the history of the Kurds and thus we would have had a greater influence of the Kirkuk cause and the rest of the causes, we then would be free to hold an election together with the general elections or not! but we would definitely be abetter example for the world to look at us and say to us:
It is not late yet,
Let the nation decide that Kurds are all united and we have a greater cause than internal disputes!!
Yes, for the 8 year late due KRG ELECTION!

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