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Monday, August 16, 2004 

Is Iraq Cursed?

Yes I know that sounds lame, but it makes more sense than saying there are people out there who enjoy watching Iraqis die. I mean look at it no matter who is in charge, Iraqis suffer. Ok lets look at modern Iraq for example, ever since its borders were carved out 80 years ago, Iraqis have been dying. After Saddam was thrown out everyone thought we have put an end to this dark area of our history. But there are those out there who want to make sure that this doesn't happen. It's always the innocent that pay for this, for example in the past few weeks I've heard of 2 funerals related to people we know. There was also the case of Zeyad from healing Iraq's cousin a while back and Babylonia from the yahoo message boards who occasionally posts here. Here's a short summary of his posts

'In Basrah, few thieves broke into a close friend's house, faced with a bunch of morons armed with AK47s he allowed them to take whatever they want, until they came to his daughters, he stood to protect his daughters... and boom, they shot him dead in the head.
Then they went and raped all his three teenage daughters.
Now we have a situation of three raped teenage girls with an unemployed mother. '

'In 30+ years of Saddam rule I lost two uncles and a cousin, but 1.5 year of Bush, I lost three friends, 3 raped girls and an improsned cousin (who was later released after they learned he was innocent).'

I have been reading babylonia's comments for a while now and I know for sure that he isn't some cleric supporter (or even into religion really) and he's extremly anti-saddam ,in fact he took part of the Shiite uprising in 91' that was crushed by saddam and has lost family there.

So what is it with Iraq, what has happened there? Think of it most Iraqis now have either lost family during saddam's regime, the iran-iraq war, the first gulf war, the sanctions, the second gulf war or the aftermath. And there are a lot of people out there who have lost family in all six cases.
When we were growing up our parents wouldn't tell us about death and torture but we used to eavesdrop on their conversations with relatives and friends, so there all types of horrible stories regarding what happened in Kurdistan and the rest of Iraq under Saddam, torture chambers, families who had to beg for the remains of their loved ones to bury them or some who weren't allowed to pray over the dead (because Islam wasn’t for dogs)
When we visited Kurdistan in the early 90s, it used to be really eerie going out at night because there were posters and monuments everywhere for people who executed under saddam and the reasons why, imagine the situation you are a kid the electricity's out and u walk out these are things u see, no need for ghost stories then.
For example we would see a picture of an old woman who was executed because her sons were peshmerga or a hospital will have a picture memorial for a doctor who helped the peshmerga. There was a time when almost everyone that was mentioned was followed 'may he rest in peace' or 'pity how he died' after a while it was a joke, we would just wait for a new name and the appropriate 'method of death' attached to it.
The worst one had to be when looking through a photo album and there was this old photo of a young couple with their son (who was around 4 or 5 yrs old) and being told that they were killed in the Anfal operation after they returned from Europe, believe me there is nothing scarier and more heartbreaking than seeing a picture of a happy family smiling at you then have someone tell u they were all butchered.
I mean Iraq was so messed up beyond repair that it looks almost hopeless to work out, I mean if Saddam stayed in power this would have gone on for at least a century, everyone over there has already become numb to what’s right and what’s wrong and Iraqis would have kept dying under the banner of arabic glory. That is why a lot of Iraqis supported the military intervention but my God what followed, a mixture of some arrogant planning and crap media have destroyed so many lives. Iraqis still live in fear (this time from the unknown), the countries that were benefiting from saddam are still cashing in on our tragedy, saddam is still a hero, and of course Kurds are still considered negligible and have a chance of getting kicked out whenever clerics or turkey starts wetting themselves. I don't even know who is to blame, should it be the coalition because it’s such a 'popular' thing to do and who we know if leave would lead to a large-scale slaughter, and a small hint guess who'll be the first to go.
Please who is going to help us then, those 'no to occupation' sheeple with their crocodile tears, have they done anything to help Iraq apart from screaming 'brave resistance', 'puppet' or 'western imperialism'. You know which ones I mean because I know that there are good intentioned people out there but they have been marginalized by others who have used the peace movement as a stage for terrorism and misery.
The amount of money spent on demonstrations (by activists) and conferences (by 'caring' countries) could have been used to re-build schools, hospitals trust funds or at east some good balanced coverage on the minor improvements happening in Iraq. Even the damn red cross are more concerned with saddam’s rectum than the situation of the rest of Iraq combined.
I mean the strongest supporters I saw in the beginning of the war are all mute now. Ok so at least the next generation may hopefully live freely but try telling that to someone who has lost family in the past year and a half, to them the future doesn't matter if their present has been shattered.
The media doesn't give a damn about Iraqi deaths not related to the coalition, while they still support criminals like sadr and those falloujah animals.
Yes the coalition share a great deal of responsibility for this chaos (i.e. not depending on Iraqis for intelligence at the beginning or the loose border control) but they don't have a monopoly on it and they are not the ones going about with the sole aim of killing as many Iraqis as possible and we definitely need them to stop this on-going insurgency.
I hope this doesn't become the old Iraq, where murderers get glorified and treated above the law and innocents continue dying without anyone giving a damn.
The chief najafi IP Ghaleb as Jazaeri, who btw deserves a cult following since he's the only one in Iraq who has openly spoken out against sadr(explained more in detail under Iraq the model's aug 9 post), said it best in his press conference last week saying why hasn’t anyone mentioned the prisons Sadr has to torture ppl ,or the women who come to his office begging him to do something to stop their property and themselves being violated or the 200 odd people sadr and his militia have killed. And I’m thinking exactly why is it only when sadr sprains his wrist (ya rite, wonder from what if it is true) that we get these bleeding heart activists.

Every good news that comes out of Iraq is accompanied by hundreds of bad ones. And most are hitting closer to home, everyone’s a target. So I am amazed and relieved when I hear people in Iraq and out there that are still optimistic. I've had discussions with people who've said 'it’s got to get worse before it can get better', 'its just a rough patch in history' , 'this situation can't last forever', 'the news is making it bigger than it is'. A lot of people are begging and hoping that this is true and want to believe it, it just looks so bleak now. At this point in time it looks like it would be a miracle if Iraq works out and the country does return to normal. The ones in charge have a huge job at hand they need all the support they can get.

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