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Sunday, August 15, 2004 

National Conference?

as soon as it started, powerful mortars exploded just near by
shia leaders shouted and protested, and some left the hall,
this difficult task can only be done by the neutral Kurds Mr President, let Dr Masoom handle it.
Aren't we given the tricky jobs?
I was talking to one of my close friends whom we share most of our views, and he said, "why the hell are we trying to get people together while they dont want it! while they cannot do it!"

Should the Kurds mediate between Arabs? and if so what do we call this?
A reward against their act, silence, pro, still continued arabisation process?
or the chemical attack on my town?
or the Anfal Campaign ?
or a reward for the Barzani mass-killing? or the endless atrocities we lived under their "tolerant" "islamic" and "arabic" laws??
I don't know what to say, but I just convince my self with "our leaders know much more that I know and that is why I should trust them", but do they?
well but I don't understand what do we get from leading the conference, if we put an ounce of effort or do the whole job we will stil be given the 20% by the superman G.W.Bush.
I mean it doesn't matter what we do, they will still have Falluja (I still dont knwo what is it about!!) and Najaf, that problem around those shrines have been there for over a 1000 year (i am very bad at history)
when an American is asked what are the prospects of the succes of this 3 day NC, (s)he said: look at what is going on in Najaf, what a "National" Conference, aparently Najaf is not Iraq or otherwise what?
but when a Kurd is asked the answer was: Oh, it will be alright, we are doing our best and we have been in contact with them, so and forth!
baraw 3iraqeeki nwee? it says: towards a new Iraq, the Iraq which is rebuild under occupation? or the Iraq which still Turkey decides what to do in one of the most important parts of it?
wait a second, what do we expect from a building with a corrupt foundation?
The map is wrong, nothing else!
Our leaders know that they need to hold on with Iraq to save our asses being kicked by the current international view, but we dont have to put it on the ground either, we can just stand back to the wall, hmm cant we? do we have to risk our lives by doing the most dangerous works? while Kurdistan needs a 1000 like Dr Masoom to look after it.
in fact the Kurds need a National Conference to end the internal differences.
Lets do it at home first then with the BROTHERS(who never opposed the regime even for a time for what he did to us)!

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