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Tuesday, August 17, 2004 

Ghaleb al-Jazaeri

Guess I was being too optimistic yesterday, this new Iraq is EXACTLY like the old Iraq.
Remember when I mentioned the Head of Najaf’s IP Ghaleb al-Jazaeri and how he spoke so courageously against muqtada and called him what he is…. A CRIMINAL. During that press conference he even said that he knew he has automatically made himself and his family targets but he was going to speak anyway..Well guess what happened, his father got tortured and kidnapped, his brother got tortured and 40 of his police force got murdered some through beheading

This was mentioned on Iraqiya tv and guess what it’s hardly mentioned anywhere else yes muqty’s fake sprained wrist is more important in all the world’s eyes than this brave mans ordeal.

What message is being conveyed here that certain people can rob, murder and violate you while you and you should keep your mouth shut, I can’t believe that there is not one reporter or one of those fatwa machine clerics with a shred of human decency to tell the world what’s going on in Najaf, this is exactly like how Saddams Iraq was to the world in the 70s and 80s. I mean seriously till when is everybody just going to side with whomever is stronger?
This man has shown more guts than all those countries, corporations, media and religious authorities put together.
To all these whiners that go on about why don't Iraqis stand up to these criminals, well this should show you exactly why. NO ONE will support us if we do. Instead criminals who do this get rewarded heavily and even manage to get a peace mission
Welcome to the old Iraq, good ppl who speak the truth get tortured and murdered while criminals get rewarded, this hairy obese pig in cleric garments get support and sympathy all across the world while this man gets nothing, not even sympathy. Another courageous casualty of war whose name no one will even remember.


Correction, there are people concerned the story is also mentioned here in jeff's blog

Just watched Sharqiya they inteviewed Al-Jazaeri again, this time from his home and he was saying 'my fathers over 80 years old how could they humiliate him like that' and that they haven't done anything wrong it was the sadr militia who started the chaos by attacking and killing IP's
In other news, muqty has refused to meet with the peace delegation, i hope that slap in the face is strong enough for some people to wake up.

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