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Saturday, August 21, 2004 

How much do "They" know?

Dilnareen(despite the last mail I write this little post) our leaders don't watch films I suppose (but they watch the Kurdish song contest programs for sure!!), but I will still follow your post!

Ok guys, you all laugh at me but only last night I had the chance to watch Fahrenheit 911 (they won't distribute it anymore!), by every word I heard from that documentary I was TOTALLY SHOCKED!!!!!
Michael recieved 6000 emails aday and still counting!! (just read some of them)
I heard Michael saying stuff which I never thought I would hear, forget about the company wars and the presendetial versus money equations in the US which I dont expect myself to even understand it for the next 3 years at least, may be never btw, and forget about the Saudi-Binladen things going on there, what was very touching for me was:
Zalmai Khaleelzad, former adviser of unocol, the company which ..... watch the film to learn more.
To be honest I am afraid to be questioned by one of the secret services for this just like the retired american guy at gym when he was accused of talking about politics by CIA.
now what I really really wonder is, do our leaders, and I mean Kurdish leaders know that Zalmai Khaleelzad the good guy who was in Iraq to get our leaders together had such a past? or do they really know that Saudi's are one of the major pawns in the middle-east game? or have they watched this evening's bbc alike programs ever? "oh yes they have!"
and if "they" know, what on earth makes them remain deaf and dumb? oh no, they are not deaf and dumb, they try to make the 1.7M signature owners dumb and deaf by ATTACHING US TO THE HORRIBLE DESTINY OF US 'iraq; never my country!'
God damn money, God damn oil...pump out the oil from Kirkuk and give it back to us!

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