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Wednesday, August 25, 2004 

Qawmachis and fundamentalists

This is one of the best articles I’ve read yet. It’s from Sharq Alawsat a liberal Arabic newspaper, who generally have really good Arabic writers and thinkers. The author of this article is Adnan Hussein ,an Iraq Arab, and judging from the name probably Shia’a as well. But he expresses so well what most Kurds are thinking. To those who can read Arabic the article is available here. Below is my attempt at translating it. At least there was some use for taking a class I despised for 10 years.
I like the way he refers to nationalists (Qawmi) as Qawmachis.. nice Iraqi touch.

The Iraq of Nationalistss (Qawmachis) and Fundamentalists.
By Adnan Hussein

An aide to Masoud Barzani threatened to burn down the oil wells in northern iraq if the kurds didn’t get a federal state. While an aide to Jalal Talabani threatened bloodshed if his leaders life was threatened.

This of course didn’t happen last week or the week before, in fact if never
occured. Even since the first kurdish revolution in the history of modern Iraq
no kurdish leader has threatened burning iraq’s oil fields ,which were mostly in kurdish lands and laboured by kurds, nor has any Kurdish leader threatened to take one arab iraq life even after genocide by chemical weapons in their own land or murder and the mass graves in the deserts of western iraq. The kurds could have burned down all the oil wells and pipes in the north and then proceeded down to the south, they could have also burned factories and government agencies, and
cities as well, the could have also drowned iraq in a pool of blood the way Saddam did for example.
Iraqi kurds have never done that and in fact have never threatened to do so and that is a source of great pride to them.

However, the person who did threaten to burn the oil wells in the south was an aide
to the arabic(!) islamic (!) leader muqtada sadr and the people who confessed to doing it were his followers. And the person that threatened to dorown iraq into a pool of blood was another aide to the the arabic(!) islamic (!) leader.

Just imagine if these threats came from the aides of Barazani and Talabani. What would have the reactions of the nationalist(qawmachi) and fundamentalist arabs then
They would have shaken the earth, filled inner and outer space with screams and shouts of incitement against the kurds and the kurdish nationality. They would have mixed outrageous lies with doses of truth to prove that the kurdish race is the worse race to walk this earth. And any of the current losses and disasters that the arab world faces would be the result of kurds 'co-conspiring' with zionist, imperialists etc... and not the result of dangerous policies and fake nationalist
and fundamentalist beliefs

These nationalist (qawmachee) fundementalists didn't feel any anger while they
were hearing and watching muqtada sadr's aides threaten to blow up oilfields, the main resource of the iraqi people, and to transform iraq into a pool of blood. As if the iraqi ppl suddenly weren't arabs or muslims or iraq wasn't a muslim or arabic country -as they liked to call it as long as the threats, or in fact
the actions of murder, damage and destruction came from their own mould : saddam hussein before and muqtada sadr now.

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