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Friday, August 27, 2004 

It's my duty to please that Muqty

At least I am not the only one who thinks the whole najaf thing was a farce. 2 weeks of pointless bloodshed, even more pointless peace missions and bile-worthy amount of news coverage ended by a phone call from a bearded man with a heart problem.

And by end we mean, sadr walking away free, his militia handing over their malufnctioning wepaons while still holding on to the ones that actually work and another brave italian, Enzo Baldini (may you rest in peace) murdured.

Yet everbody news-wise seems to think that this is perfectly normal if not a success

Large amounts of evidence pointing towards Iranian fighters involved and tv pictures showing weapons made in Iran hardly makes a sound while Sistani arriving in his pimp mobile was covered everywhere. With all that build-up I was seriously expecting him to come out of his car with his cloak flyingin the air (like say...batman maybe) and telling sadr' Let my people go'. Instead he just goes home and makes a phone call...talk about anti-climax. I dont understand iran though are these ppl seriously in need of another 8 year war to get some sense knocked into them or what.

Though falloujah was slighty quiet till the last few days, ever notice how only one of those 2 monsters (muqty and zarqawi) rear their ugly head at a time. Never at the same time. I can almost imagine the conversation from zarqawi's end ' Listen muqty, can u take over from here, have some business back home, the wife u see, nagging that I'm a workaholic and not spending enough time with the kids, be back when school starts'

A family we know have recently returned from holiday so we were invited to lunch at their place, and the topic of conversation for most of the day was as u can guess Muqty , Iran ,najaf etc... Of course most of the names involved were preceeded with some swear word...like sagbab (son of a dog.. like SOB but directed at the father) ,though muqty's case its not his father fault really but sagbab for the sake of the conversation , and how the entire Iraq situation was a fsha (joke).
Then the conversation would change to how badly wahabbism has effected Iraq, like ppl were saying ever remember ppl covered head to toe in black when we were growing up? and how badly its spoiling the name of islam of course the reply to that would 'why does islam's name needed spoiling?' from the token atheist who's always present at these conversations. Then the women would reply saying ' no this isn't the islam we knew, where has this new form come from' etc... and how thankfully, for the time being, all these things were happening far away from kurdistan.
For about an hour or 2 there's no mention of any iraq-related news.. instead some random topics that range from which model of transport is easiest to sleep in (plane, ship or train in case you are interested) to these new restaurants that have opened in kurdistan (apparently there's some really expensive turkish one that has opened after that iranian restaurant) and an odd story thrown in about some loony relative. Then somebody would notice the scroll text on tv saying that police have 10-20 charred corpses in Muqty's courthouse and we would return back to the sagbab muqty and sagbab iranian conversation.

Though seriously how the hell did they manage to let him free twice. What kind of sick amnesty is this and what exactly made everyone change their stance from 'destroy the mehdi army' to 'you can have everything you want'. Though at the same time thinking... are these the type of ppl the coalition were planning to sell the kurds out for, how much of Amsterdam's finest could they have possibly been on to have made such a deal.

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