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Wednesday, September 01, 2004 

A Kurd heads the National Assembly!

pride, joy, caution, care, wonder, excitement!!mixed feelings from me in deed!

Dr. Foad Masoom is the man who can bring together the 25 million scattered people of the horribly wounded Iraq which has been in war literally since 1980!
Can he make it?
Can he (and they) watch the goverment?
Can he(or they) be able to represent this country which was forced to be a united country now and back in 1920s?...i strongly hope he will do the best of it! coz I am sure that Kurds will only ask for our rights and be just as we have never had a past of opression or any other inhumane acts against other nations!

Well I always say I am not a politician but there is an extent to which most of us can analyse and understand what is happening around us and can articulate what (s)he thinks about the events given the use of some resources!
Now this was a question by a tv presenter to Dr Foad Masoom: Sir as a Kurd you used to complain that all your posts were symbolic, how can you be sure that this one is not?
...i cant remember the exact answer..so leave it!

I am thinking now, there are 21 abit more or less Kurds in that assembly with the head being kurdish while there will be 2 more to assist him I think..what does this tell us? OK I cautiously say this really is a sign of the hard work the Kurds have done to be united wihtin Iraq! He (Dr.Masoom) was the man who could talk to all the parties to come forward to the national Conference, including Mr Sadr and even the Turkish agents who are demanding for more places at the assembly!

So here are some good questions for every Kurd after this bit of explaination:
After the death of millions of Kurds, leaders, scientists, teachers, sheikhs, childresn, partisans and more and more here where we stand (i mean south kurdistan for the moment) ; Foreign Minister, some other very important ministries, Deputy PM and Deputy President, national Assembly Chairman, Kurdish an official language of the state of the world's 2nd reserved oil rich country Iraq,around 100000 extremely patriotic, professional, trained, well armed Peshmargas and much more... if we really mean it and be united(****)who can breach any of our rights anymore? can't we even somehow look after the other 20 million Kurds for the time being?
Can't we become the seed of the future Great Kurdistan?
we must work harder and harder, we have a long way to go!

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