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Monday, August 30, 2004 

Finaly Disarmed!Hundreds Died!

sadr rallying for fameI made the Turkish zaman.com.tr webpage pop up to see what they have of more grudge against us and I was surprised by the headline that Sadr will get disarmed and sneak into the political race in Iraq.
so what were the crimes?
-challenged everyone, at the start the US appointed Iraqi Gove and US themselves(might be wrong at the latter one!)!
-made a horrible history
-He killed soldiers
-harmed people, religion, holy sites and more
-bla bla bla...more

what did he get?
-cleaned the allegations, I bet still the followers dont get it that it was all about HIS own interest!
-big support from some sides
-got known everywhere even globally!
-can challenge anyone anytime he likes..
-now he can call himeself someone at the level of sistani!
-oh surely more than what we (peshmarga) got from the US, oh well that is the natural way to deal with someone who is interested in trying arms and kill people!!THEY SPEAK ARMS!
-made people like me HATE HIM and some faces of Islam MORE AND MORE!

and who was the SuperMan to bring him to the peace path?
Grand Ayatolla Sistani?hmm well that is what the news says, but God(The one who doesnt belong neither to Muslims no the christians nor anyone in the world) knows who did this whole scenareo! look everyone (VIP ones) are safe and good, perhaps Sadr cut his hand while chopping cucumber to make salad or something!but NOT the Iraqi police, the bodies which were left at Muqtada's special court (court of what?).

what about the casualties? even if it was just ONE!
look, the whole world is concerned about the two FRENCH gentlemen!but when Iraqis are killed (including journalists just like the french) even God doesn't make the sky rain, HE even is silent! when 80000 barzanis during these days in 1980's were taken by saddam NO ONE SAID ANYTHING!!and later 182000 more Kurds and then 5000 with the gass attack on my town, still no one cried but Kurds!just because they are FRENCHE?
(I agreed with the explanation given by the Iraqi foootbal team coach refusing wearing black straps while playing Italy on the day of the execution of the Italian journalist,saying: tens are killed among Iraqis everyday, if we dont wear it for those, why should we wear it for occupiers ?and only a single man!)
Now if the world is unfair, well Sadr claims that Islam is fair and no one should get killed unfairly!so just like a killer he must be hedl responsible for the deaths!

I ask myself why am I making a big deal of this Muqtada thing? and a quick answer, from a patriotic Kurdish view is: we must know who exactly we have around us!
we must repeat the verse which says:
Dari Azadi baxwen awnadree qat barnagree.....
"unless the tree of freedom is watered with blood it never gives fruit, independence without struglle never prevails!" if we really want to be a nation, to have our flag, to have a country called United Kurdistan, we must understand that only power can get us up there!If we are not fully prepared for people like Muqtada, Sistani, Khamenaii, Asad and Erdogan we will be living anoter decade waiting for an angel or a Balfore treaty to buil us a country!

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