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Sunday, August 29, 2004 

PUK & KDP one election list?

This is an idea which is supported by many Kurds around the globe and strongly supported by our fellow people inside south Kurdistan (North Iraq) for the up coming Iraqi and Kurdistan parliamentary election.
This idea is superb for the Iraqi election and by one single word I say: GREAT, it shows the world that we are united to win our cause doing our best for our peopl!
However for the Kurdistan election there are many positive sides of this idea and I actually agreed with most of them,e.g:
stronger kurdish unity
no chance of conflicts
no possiblity of any future clashs between them
a closer interaction between the two and ending the years of disagreement
and so on,
but hold on what does this tell you? is this "agree on disagreement?" I dont think so, I would say this is idea has many other side-effects which I dont know them all, but I can give some clarifications:
The normal procedure would be rally for your party and show the people that you are the best, participate in the presidential race and win the election, the other or others would then be in the opposition which would always help the goverment to make better decisions!
The other very important thing is the small parties then will be very reluctant to participate actively in the election as they would say: well we definitely know that they (PUK KDP) will secure 3/5 of the seats, why bother then? and this idea might tell them inside that "OK we unify these to hilarious illegitimate Governments and we will be winning the election so relax!" and this will make them feel they are on the top and no need to work harder or do any more reforms!
The true agree on disagreement is a aparliament with a proper rulers and oppositions, every one knows it is difficult but if we really mean it that is the best for the nation and for the sake of justice (i dont say democracy because they call Turkey democracy and we know what rubbish it is!)
this way we can say:"we are united against others but we can go our ways working for our nation's best interests!"
i might be wrong!

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