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Saturday, September 18, 2004 

KRG to take security of the Sunni triangle!

KRG : Kurdistan Reagional Goverment (Federal state of Kurdistan in Northern Iraq)
In very brief(dont want to push down the Kurdish-French view :) ) : peyamner.com says:
Ayad Allawi was in Hawleer(so called Arbil) capital of KRG in a semi-secret visit to ask the Kurds to take the security of the sunni triangle (i had suggested this in a comment), and it was refused by Kurdish leaders (most probably Barzani side).
Allawi suggested that Kurdish police and peshmarga to handle the terrorists and other security activities in a broader role!
All these were refused by the Kurdish leaders, as peyamner.com's unnamed source says.
In his visit Allawi has told the Kurdish leaders about his visit abroad and informed them about the details of his visits.
A saudi newspaper has said that Allawi and Ibrahim Al-jafari are in dispute over the allegation that Allawi in Aljafari's opinion is about to give more roles to the Kurds in the Iraqi Gov than the Shia parties, and the PM wants to give back power to some ex-bathists in order to calm down the riots in Falluja like places! I want to add something, the other night there was a program on KurdSat tv and I heard sentences like: "It is early to decide whether Allawi's goverment has literally failed to achieve any of its objectives and so we can say he has totally failed!" I think it would have been stronger if they had the program after today's explosions!

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