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Monday, September 13, 2004 

What nationality hasn't been kidnapped yet?

Australians 'kidnapped' in Iraq
another terror tape has been 'made by'/'sent to' the MGM of terror Al-jazeera

i think this time the guy ran out of words… just a repetition infidel, occupiers, 24 hours

I seriously hope this doesn’t end up to be true but i highly doubt it
Every time I begin to think that we have hit rock bottom with the depravity of humanity, a story like this pops up to make me reconsider
Funny how according to them foreign aid workers are considered to be destroying Iraq (hm by escessive aid work or what) while these other group of non-iraqis (and unfortunately some pathetic iraqis) are holy saviours. Yes to their demented space between the ears holy means stealing, raping ,mutilating, murdering by the thousands, attacking places like the UN, Red Cross, NGO's and places of worship. And they think by throwing the word Islamic into their cause gives it some value, when in fact they’re just a bunch of pets fueled with state sponsored hate while their owners reap the benefits

Honestly wake up there was NO SUCH THING as IRAQI resistance, get over it. If there was they would have stood up and fought the troops in the beginning of the war. Just cos the TV calls it that doesn’t make it legitemate. What have the 'resistance' done to protect iraqis , i would really like someone to explain that to me. Do you really think a group of ppl who suffered 35 yrs of torture want to get thrown back into the world these animals want to create. And really turning the entire world against iraqis won't make iraqis turn to you... I was watching fay7aa (a recent iraqi channel which ill discuss later) and this caller on the show was saying don't these ppl know how Iraqis kurds and arabs alike laugh at the tapes the 'leaders' bin laden, zawhiri and zarqawi make they think they're a joke, apart from ppl who benfeitted from the previous regime no one takes them seriously.

I was glad to hear somebody say that cos' that exactly what I and alot of other iraqis think

Is there no other place for jihad apart from Iraq, how about retuning to ure own countries for a change and take ure ex-baathist friends with you... maybe ure own countries could appreciate this type of ‘saving’

Such a bunch of hypocrites the arab world has 22 countries whose life support depends on the US, in fact if the US stopped trade with them for one day they would all go and rot as they should. (ok apart from the good ppl.. im playing safe).. yet somehow iraqis aren’t even allowed to receive aid from them. What do u actually think any of those countries who are blessing us with resistance have sent anyone to iraq to help, believe me this won’t even happen in anyone’s lifetime. They're obviously just worried that if they do help iraqis then iraqis might stop dying and will finally be able to live off their rich resources, yes the resources those same countries have and still are shamelessly stealing from iraq.

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