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Thursday, September 09, 2004 

Racist Fascist Anti-Kurdish!

N.Barzani head of the Hawler Administration of the divided Kurdistan Reagional Goverment and J.Talabani head of PUK made a formal visit to Turkey and were able to meet some of the officials and as I really do not want to see the faces of the Turkish officials I do not know details about the visist but I do know that they had met Abdullah Gul the deputy PM and Foriegn Minister.
One of the issues to discuss was that Turkey should recognise the federal Goverment of Kurdistan and should do all the official relations with the KRG and of course they have so far refused to so and insist that Baghdad is their side of talks!
The shocking news which made me give you this update was this:
We all know that Iranian Gov is a smart one(among the Iraqi,Syrian and Turkish Gov's) and have a very different method of handling the Kurdish cause it has, and we know that within this methond they have named one of the cities as Kurdistan and that is how to minimise the cause overall and tell the people that waht else do you want? You have somewhere called Kurdistan...anaywas...in 1980's again within this smart way of oppressing Kurds they have had created a business plane which had the name of Kurdistan on it....and this plane was supposed to do an international trip and the destination was guess where? Ankara! where the cursed body of M.K.Ataturk lies! so as soon as they had learned that there is such a writing on the plane they had refused the trip!! and they have recently said that if any trip from Iraqi Kurdistan would start and there would be a Kurdish Airlines they will not accept any such plane trips and would even not allow it to fly over Turkey!!

what else I can say apart from:
The Turkish Goverment is our main enemy and we must be prepared for them!I know we haven't got much choice as we surrounded by abit better countries but we have Baghdad to use why should we insist on using the cursed Turkish air?

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