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Saturday, September 04, 2004 

Good decision Sir go for it!

Just read in a kurdishmedia.com from a local newspaper that KDP leader Barzani was due to resign from the so called National Assembly becoz he is too busy managing his works in Kurdistan rather than traveling to Baghdad to keep up wiht the works at the interim Parliament!very wise, if every one goes down to Baghdad who will look after Kurdistan?

We need Dr.Masoom and the rest of the Kurdish politicians, too! Even if you dedicate your times to it, please make sure you dont do the mistake of bringing together the scattered forces, who are very well united against against the Kurds when it coms to our cause!
A very good eye also should be kept on the Turkmans, the Turkish agents who do everything they can to prevent any kurdish progress, we need smart people to fight them too!

Another good news is, a source says: over 150000 kurds have so far returned to Kirkuk area!
once more...weldone Barzani! stay in Kurdistan

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