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Saturday, September 04, 2004 

alien infiltrators?!

kurdlandNo I am not talking about ET's or other galaxy-mates to be found or not!

This is a about a nation's fate and I do not give the permission to myself to be able to even give you a glance about the situation of a portion of this unlucky largest nation without a land who live in the racist fascist Bathist ruled Syria...let me allow hrw to tell you a little:i mangaed to copy several of the most striking paragraphs, however every word of it is an evidence:
here is the title again:

(In 1962, an exceptional census stripped some 120,000 Syrian Kurds --20 percent of the Syrian Kurdish population -- of their Syrian citizenship. They were left stateless, and with no claim to another nationality. Decree No. 93, issued in August 1962, ordered that a census be carried out in Hasakeh governorate in northeastern Syria for the purpose of identifying "alien infiltrators.")

This is how our children are classified.Oh well they are foreigners from the land where the racist Arabs are buried:
(To the best of our knowledge, it appears that Kurdish children are categorized as maktoumeen when one of the following three conditions apply: if they are the children of Syria-born Kurdish "foreigners" who marry women who are Syrian citizens; if they are children of "foreigners" married to maktoumeen; or if they are the children of two maktoumeen.
Unlike the Syrian Kurdish foreigners, the children born of these marriages are not only stateless but, as a matter of government policy, they are not provided with special red identity cards and are not listed in official population registers.42 Like Syrian Kurdish "foreigners, however, they too are not issued passports or other documents that can be used to travel abroad and re-enter Syria. The policies applied to these Syrian-born Kurdish children contradict the assurances provided by the Syrian government to the U.N.)

oh yes they had a more savage version of this in their (Baath) Iraq:
(Suppression of the ethnic identity of Kurds by Syrian authorities has taken many forms. Restrictions have included: various bans on the use of the Kurdish language; refusal to register children with Kurdish names; replacement of Kurdish place names with new names in Arabic; prohibition of businesses that do not have Arabic names; not permitting Kurdish private schools; and the prohibition of books and other materials written in Kurdish.)

for a very short second put yourself in the place of this Kurdish Girl student who was given this notice:

To Secondary School [space for school name]
The female student [name blacked out], was born in Qamishli in 1988 took the preparatory certificate examination for the school year of 1995 with registration number [blacked out] and passed with a total score of [blacked out].
Because she is unregistered [maktoumat al-qayd] she has been granted this notification in place of the document which is maintained at the Bureau of Examinations. She will only be granted that document after having been registered [ba'd tasjeelihaa] accordingly with the Bureau of Civil Affairs.
Hasakeh 31/7/1995 A.D.
Head of the Bureau of Examinations Director of Education
in Hasakeh
Muhammad Hayjal Ahmad 'Awayd al-Sa'eed
...I know you will not read it all, but just skim over it.it is time for the Bathists to go to hell wherever they are.
We still can smile and bear enormous hope that one day we can answer this simple trivial question of "where are you from?" by a very innocent cheerful answer of "- I am from Kurdland"

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