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Wednesday, September 08, 2004 

Someone shut this woman up

Madonna Dedicates 'Imagine' to Russia

Instead of trying to get more ppl to visit ure shows by showing that u have a deep thinking side, how about donating some money for a change.
And since when was spreading ure legs while displaying a screen showing dying iraqi children a show of humanity.
Put ure knees back together and go home to ure kids. Your music was great in the 80s but I don't wanna ever hear a menopausal woman attempt rap again. And enough with the 'I write songs for myself no one else',fine keep them to ureself.

I'm fed up of trends and the mass following they get, first it was the in thing to get knocked up (i think that was meant to mean tough single mother defying the world), i don't need a man, im gagging for a man, have the token whatever is fashionable friend, dating older men, dating younger men, eating paper, anti-fur, pro- plastic surgery, anti-plastic surgery or carrying shit looking dogs in designer bags. Now its a bunch of irrelevant ppl shoving what they temporarily believe in up my face everytime i switch on the tv or flip through a magazine. U are just meant to entertain fullstop I don't care if ure an 'individual' or how u've 'discovered ureself' and 'come one with the earth'. If its a tough life keeping ure opinions to ureself then quit, its dull, boring and changes & contradicts itself constantly.

Let's face it there's only a few bands and actors who do care what happens out there, these ppl clearly don't. Anyone seen that 'ladder to heaven' episode from southpark where alan jackson keeps coming in to capitalize on other peoples tragedies. Thats exactly what it is.

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