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Thursday, September 09, 2004 

Free Simona Pari and Simona Torretta

I always blame the wrong political decisions and attitudes for most of the casualities and grievous results of any explosions or clashs in Iraq. But this time I really feel I have no one in mind to blame but those people(it is hard to call them people!) who have captured these two young ladies!
In kurdish tradtions we say Man fights Man not woman, if they really are brave enough to fight the well-equipped marines and soldiures then just leave those golden hearted ladies alone and let them go back to their families!
If you (captors) have an ounce of honor and humanity in heart just leave those who are trying to create a bridge to baghdad!They are trying to help even after their fellow countryman journalist was beheaded by your devil heartless so called Isalmists (I am sure Allah will burn them in the Hell they know very well as they are defacing Islam).
These people the website were in Iraq only to help!
Free them and let them continue creating the bridge they have started to create which you (barbarians) know nothing about it!These have NO connections with neither your cause nor the american one!You (vampires) deserve nothing but death and those ladies deserve only love from every Iraqi!

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